Art in the mail!

I’m speechless.  Or I was speechless… then I decided that I had to come up with at least a few words to go with the pictures, because I totally had to show you the pictures.


Do you see the beads?  The multicolors in the beads are the same as all the colors in the shawl.


And all the textures!  I always think of shawls as fundamentally two dimensional… This one absolutely isn’t.


Every border is different.  Every section is different.  I always have a hard time neatly picking up stitches to knit on borders… I can tell from the color changes that the borders were knitted on, not stitched on, but I can’t figure out which side she did it from.  I guess if I can’t tell which side is the “public” side and which side is supposed to be the other side, it won’t matter which way I wear it 🙂 .


This edge was knitted continuously with the section, I think.  I’ve spent HOURS admiring the details in this shawl and being amazed at the workmanship.


Sharon, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are an amazing knitter, and I know how many, many hours (..weeks… months… years….) went into this shawl.  I am truly humbled that you made this art especially for me.   Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Art in the mail!

  1. Wow is a good word to describe this shawl ! Any chance of a full photo of the garment ? Looks fascinating.

  2. Hi Mom! I know who that lady is and you don’t!

    Ok, fine, Nana knows who knit that. But she told me, so the knowledge is passed on.

  3. Elizabeth,

    Your mother and I saw this shawl near completion at the quilt shop one evening. It is a work of art and it was made with love. Sharon did a beautiful job on it.


  4. Elizabeth,
    I am so glad you like the shawl! The shawl pattern was the first time I ever knitted anything that complex. I had lots of help from the knitting shop in Kazoo.


  5. Sharon, it’s truly stunning. And the fact that it was a challenge to you tells us even more what a wonderful powerful prayer shawl it is!

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