Suzuki Photography


Sometimes it’s difficult to take good pictures of my children at Suzuki Institute.  It’s easy to take a photo of the back of Sam’s head, though, while I’m standing outside the classroom with George (because we can’t sit IN the classroom because George wants to sing along 🙂 )




Or I can take pictures of my kids in groups of children, all the same size, so somebody else’s violin is always in my child’s face.   I could probably work around this trouble, but I get distracted by the music.  Amazing music at Suzuki Institutes is the norm.


Or I can just take pictures of OTHER people’s children – this is the son of one of the most wonderful teachers here… who is actually not here this week because she has pneumonia.  We miss her.


George isn’t playing violin, but he’s taking advantage of the HUGE open spaces to work on getting fast. 


Here’s what he was crawling to.  One of the things I love most about this week is always the time our family can focus on just PLAYING together.  Every kind of playing. 


Like ping pong, which is hard for George since he’s short.  He doesn’t mind, though.


And there’s plenty of time to play outside (music and otherwise) together. 


Have you ever seen so many bikes outside a church?  The kids zoom all over campus all by themselves… this is particularly good for me since I’m REALLY slow on the hills this year.  I had forgotten how physically demanding this week is for grownups, too.


Hey!  I found a photo of Brian’s face!  And yes, he needs a hair cut.  I just couldn’t do it before we left because I have a hard time getting my arms high enough with the clippers…. I think he’ll be taller than I am by the end of the year.




This is the Fry Street Quartet.  Emily gets to study with them this year.  I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, but right now we have to get to campus.  These 8:00 classes are tough!

5 thoughts on “Suzuki Photography

  1. Dear Elizabeth,

    What a wonderful famly experience Suzuki Institute provides for all of you! I would guess that it is pretty intense, but the organizers, in their wisdom, plan time for the students and families to wander and play. I think it is grand that George sings along adding his own musical talent.

    I hope the Suzuki Institute didn’t wear you out becasue I know it is one of your favorite family outings.

    Love, Nancy

  2. So glad we get to some of your favorite times…feels like we’re there with you!
    Teri said it perfectly!


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