What are the other kids doing this week?

Sam’s at scout camp, and as far as we know, has not gotten swine flu.  But apparently I have neglected to tell you about the other 80 % of my children’s plans for this week 🙂 .


Emily and her best friend, Annie, decided that they were going to make “Art Camp” just for Danny this week.  I think they wanted an excuse to paint and color and use lots of glitter glue.   You know, most high school kids don’t get to use much glitter glue.  They started today and all had a great time.  

The other thing Danny started today was swimming lessons.  Sorry, no pictures yet.  His special-ed PE teacher from school teaches private lesson swimming to handicapped kids over the summer, and we managed to get one of her highly coveted spots.  Danny was so anxious on the way there today that he was all pale and sweaty.  I was worried about how I was going to get him into the building if he didn’t cooperate.

By the end this very first lesson today he was confident enough to go through a hoop under the water!  He had lots of help, but he was so proud of himself and is very excited to go back on Wednesday.  He’ll go twice a week all summer long.

Just as his PE teacher does swimming over the summer, his physical therapist teaches yoga, to give the Dannys of the world a chance for recreational activities that they otherwise wouldn’t have.  Danny doesn’t like yoga very much, it sort of combines all sorts of physical things that are hard for him all into one hour.  Thankfully, his very best friend from preschool, Jakob, is also going, so that gives him something to look forward to.  I’ll have to take pictures of yoga soon, too.


Brian’s spending 9 to 5 all week with his chess coach, so he’s happy.  I was sort of surprised that Mr. Athlete would choose to spend his first week after finishing school doing something sedentary and indoors, but he and Mr. Noble have both been working on talking me into it since April, so how could I say no??

And then there’s George.  George will spend his whole week being happy, busy and cute.  That’s even better than glitter glue, don’t you think?

7 thoughts on “What are the other kids doing this week?

  1. Cute tops glitter glue in my book too for a one year old, but your children all have a wonderful first week of vacation planned! What are your plans?

    Have fun with the art camp Emily and Annie, enjoy the chess camp Brian, have fun at swimming and art this week Danny, enjoy scout camp Sam and George just have fun being a one year old!

    Do you have enough room in your yard for lawn chess? It seems that making chess pieces for the yard and creating a board in the grass would be a fun thing for your kids! Just a thought…..

  2. I think Emily might have gotten that love for glitter glue from her mom! (Oh, the memories of you “experimenting” with glitter in your scrapbooks!)

    I have always believed in keeping them busy and looks like all are in for a fun summer!

    Brice and Harrison are spending a few days together at my house…Nana Camp! and there is definitely no time boredom!…rest either!!!

    Have fun and enjoy the chaos of summer!


  3. I love your post about generosity. There is nothing I love more than doing stuff for people, especially if what they need is so easy for me to accomplish. Australian kids are half way through their year and will soon be on holiday so school reports have gone out. As a special ed teacher I only had 4 to write and I made sure they were positive and full of good things – I kicked my generosity in big time! When I received the school report for my youngest son it was the most negative and horrible thing I have ever read. I still feel a bit angry and really sad. I am really proud of my boy, my school psych is really happy with my boy… but for some reason his teacher just doesn’t want to know that he is in fact OK – she doesn’t have that generosity of spirit to see the goodness and joy that he brings to so many people.

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