“On my” day

on my 1

On my wheel – very softest cashmere/silk/ Bowmont , spinning three ply to be the middle, solid part of a hap shawl.

on my 2

On my bed – drying cotton lycra sock yarn, an experiment… have you ever noticed that there are thousands of places you can get dye hanks for wool socks, but NO resources for the small scale dyer who wants to go wool-free, but with real sock yarn?  I’m serious.  Zero.  I think the kids and I are going to fix that this summer, and maybe earn a bit of cash while we’re at it.  We’ll see.

on my 3

On my shower curtain rod – These socks are wool.  Can you tell I’ve been in a blue/purple mood lately?  You should see my fingers.  Again 🙂 .

on my 4

On my bathroom counter – my drying lymphedema sleeve.  I was feeding George and the bottle leaked.  You know how breast milk leaks really don’t smell, and don’t stain much?  You can sort of ignore them and just let them dry?  Formula’s not like that.  Yuck. 

on my 6

On my kitchen table – Sam’s working on an interactive educational Leonardo DaVinci website.  This time I think perhaps he’s as excited about the content as he is about the coding.  It really, truly is going to be awesome and fun. 

on my 5

On my knitting needles – the same sock as last week.  Not much progress, is there?  Guess I got distracted by all the dyeing…  so I think I’m going to get back to the sofa and knit until my lymphedema sleeve finishes drying. 

Happy Monday,

Love, Elizabeth

13 thoughts on ““On my” day

  1. “On my mind”…glad you’re having a creative day! (Hope you’re STILL on the sofa knitting…I know you might think I’m telling you to “rest”…but I know how that creative mind of your’s works!!!

    Have fun and please don’t dye George!


  2. Dear Elizabeth ~

    Happy Monday to you too! Sounds like you’re having a good “on my” day! Hope this finds you still “on my” sofa knitting away! Keep sitting, resting, and knitting.

    Love and prayers…..

  3. Oh my, but those are wonderful colors you are dyeing! They are my favs too. Sometime I will have to learn to knit socks, but have to finish my afghan first.

    Enjoy your creative day and your time on the couch too.


    P.S. Enjoyed your Dad’s Kalamazoo Singers concert yesterday. Wish I had a photo of him in his styrofoam “straw” hat set at a jaunty angle during one of his barber shop quartet songs.

  4. You are amazing! What wonderful colors of yarn! I love the cake. The kids did a great job. Those are the things that make motherhood so wonderful!

    Thinking of you. Pat

  5. Elizabeth, belated Happy Birthday for the 6th. I didn’t know we were so close (I’m the 8th). Love the WonderWoman cake!! I had lurid pink and green roses from Ed and the kids – very pretty in a “you are on mescalin” sort of way. Looks like WonderWoman may have had a shot of it too…
    Do you look like one of the Touareg now?
    Love Cx

  6. Dear Elizabeth,

    I am so glad you had an “On My” day. The yarn is beautiful, but will be even more beautiful when you have worked your magic.

    The DaVinci site looks like quite an adventure. I hope Sam enjoys.

    Remember, you are still in recovery mode even though you are regaining your strength.

    Love, Nancy

  7. drats. yarn 2 is worsted weight. well worsted socks r good 2!

    yarn 21 is fingering silk
    will silk do?

    22 is fingering silk, too

    28 is sport wght cotton w/ thick/thin twist

    31 is bamboo and cotton, sport weight

    32 is bamboo silk sport weight

  8. The cashmere looks wonderful, I look forward to see how it spins out. I am stuck at home too – knitting of course, and writing school reports, as I look after my 6 year old who has mild bronchitis. As it is so so cold here at the moment, he is off school and keeping warm inside – I dread to think what our heating bill will be like.

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