for the first time in a long time

Today was the first time in ages that I felt better when I wasn’t trying to get better in preparation for something that was going to make me feel worse.  I know that’s a complicated sentence, just hang on a second and I’ll explain.  But first, here’s a photo of George, at his baptism, with his godmother, Danielle.


Notice her short hair?  At George’s baptism, which was several months before my breast cancer was diagnosed, she was just finishing her own breast cancer treatment.  Little did we know….

But anyway, back to the feeling better concept.  Since August, every time I started to recover from something, just as soon as I got back on my feet something else happened.  I hadn’t healed from the first biopsies when we had the second set.  There wasn’t very much time between mastectomy number one and the beginning of chemotherapy.  It always seemed like within days of feeling sort of strong and healthy after chemo, it would be time for another round.  Then I was done with chemo, just in time to have another surgery.  Radiation is continuous… there’s no time to recover when you’re being treated every day.  And then more surgery, three weeks ago.

My parents were here for two weeks, and they took care of everything other than cooking (and are so grateful for the cooler fairy that I think my mom should do a guest blog post!)… but they left on Saturday and I was going to resume my regular independent life.

Not!  Danielle vetoed that idea.  So Monday she and Jonathan, her littlest, came and kidnapped George for the day.  Even though I slept for several hours, I was so wiped out and hurting by bedtime that I have no idea how I would have managed if I’d tried to do my whole day with a busy one year old, too.   Therefore Danielle and Jonathan took George yesterday, too.  I napped and checked OLD schoolwork.  But last night I made it through till bedtime without collapsing into an exhausted frustrated tearful heap.  So I decided that today I’d keep George, and just have a regular day.

I was vetoed.  Danielle and Jonathan came back and took George AGAIN.  Right after they came and got him I sat down to organize the rest of the day.  I was briefly inspired to move the winter clothes out of the boys’ drawers and to take the job of mopping the kitchen away from Sam… but I came to my senses just in time and napped and rested instead.  I’ve done nothing productive AT ALL. 

And you know what?  I feel stronger.  I’m hurting a little less.  But the most unusual part of it is that I can keep on improving, because there’s no more chemo, no more radiation, no more surgeries.  This is the first time I’m feeling  sort of OK when I can truly anticipate that the betterness will just keep on getting better.

Today was our last day of precalculus for a year or so… 


So in honor of that monumental event, I’ll put this into mathematical terms.  My slope is positive.  Definitely positive.

15 thoughts on “for the first time in a long time

  1. Make sure to tell Danielle “thanks from your friends” as well! So glad to hear you’re feeling better…just promise to take small steps at first, ok?

    What lessons you are teaching us (as well as Sam!).

    Lots of prayers, hugs and smiles, too!

  2. Dear Elizabeth ~

    Danielle is a friend in word and deed. The extra rest you got this week has helped create positive slopes, which are a “really good thing.” Continue being gentle with yourself and, like Harriett says, “…take small steps…”

    Love and prayers ~

  3. Thank you Danielle for kidnapping George and your veto power. What a good friend you are and besides I know you and Jonathan had fun with George. Let Elizabeth think you borrowed him only to give her peace and time to heal, but we all know better!

    A positive slope sounds like a marvelous thing! Jan, if you remember that from high school you are the better woman, have the better brain or paid more attention in class than I did. (tee hee!)

    Elizabeth, you accomplished healing this week and that is enough of a goal. Don’t rush too much – baby steps are more than enough at three weeks out from surgery.

    I worked with your Mom tonight and she didn’t look tired at all. I was pleased. Thank you for letting the two of us take George, last Friday, so he could start learning the fine art of fabric petting. That is an acquired skill you know!

  4. WONDERFUL! I am so glad that you have a postive slope 🙂

    I agree with the others … very thankful for your friends, parents, and of course the cooler fairy! 🙂

    Gentle hugs and continued prayers!

  5. Elizabeth,

    I’m so happy to hear the good news of increased strength and continued improvement. What great friends you have. They surely aid in the healing process, don’t they?
    Hope the rest of the week continues to bring good things your way.

  6. Remember Forrest Gump and “stupid is a s stupid does”? Well, productive is as productive does too. It all depends on your definition of productive – think of calculus and change your differentials! Take care and keep on being “unproductive”, it’s a very good thing. Cx

  7. I am glad Danielle vetoed the idea and offered to keep George for a few days. Actually, Dad and I are wishing we had insisted that he come home with us – with or without Sam! We are missing the baby stuff. (It gladdened our hearts to know that none of his sibs wanted him to leave for a week, however. Just reinforced what we already knew. The kids love that little, active guy!

    I cannot do a guest blog even with your generous invitation, Elizabeth. It wouldn’t be the same thing without at least 4 kids interrupting every 2 minutes with something very important as you try to construct these missivies. I can just say that I love the cooler fairies and I thank all cooler fairies more than you’ll ever know. I can’t imagine how Elizabeth does everyting she does to keep the famiy functioning even in the best of health. I am so grateful that we didnt’ need to worry about healthy meals in attention to PT, OT, Orthodontist, Violin, Soccer, Birthday, laundry and house maintenance….and may I add laundry! And the kids are easy, happy,halpful, independent kids! We, Elizabeth’s mom and dad, are more grateftul then you’ll ever know for all the support you’ve provided the DeHority family!

  8. Elizabeth….So glad your are FINALLy feeling better. The kids look great…they are all growing up so quickly. Jim and I had a great time in Italy….We did little or nothing for a week. Kathryn Brandell and her firend are living with me this summer while they go to summer school at CMU. I am enjoying hearing all about you and the other Dehoritys!

  9. Elizabeth (what a beautiful name 😉 ,

    I read your blog eons ago, but hadn’t popped in for ages. Just today I read about all you’re going through. Oh, my!!! I just want you to know how very much you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am so pleased to hear that the slope is now positive. 🙂

    God’s blessings,
    Elizabeth in Wisconsin

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