Violin recital… my big day out

Maybe I should have picked something a little less exciting for my first post-surgical adventure. 

Everybody played.  Well, except George.  He sang.  Dixon had to take him out, but they made it back in time for everybody’s piece.


This was the first time Danny played a real song at a recital… last time he decided he was going to do an A Major scale instead.  I’m so proud of Danny.  If we had to choose the very hardest extracurricular activity for him, violin would be it.  It requires his brain to hold his body up, requires his body to hold his violin up, and requires both hands to do something totally different at the same time.  You know how some movements are automatic for us?  Like going up the stairs.  We can do it with our eyes closed… our legs just know what to do.  Motor activities aren’t automatic for him.  Emily, Sam and Brian can practice lots and their playing becomes ingrained.  Danny has to think about every note (while he thinks about sitting and holding his violin up…)But anyway, we didn’t choose, he did… 


We are so thankful to Jessica, their teacher, for working so hard with him and the big kids.  You know, most teachers wouldn’t have spent so much time and effort figuring out how to help Danny learn to play.  Jessica is really able to think outside of the box AND she’s an exceptional musician and a faith-filled mama 🙂 .


One of my favorite parts of Jessica’s student recitals is that she always has one or two tiny little new students.  She could fill her entire teaching schedule with Interlochen-bound big kids, but she doesn’t.  Each year she has a couple of three or four year old beginners.  Listening to their Twinkles always makes me happy.


Emily, on the other hand, told me she would NOT be happy if I took a flash photo while she was performing.  So I had to be content with one rehearsal photo and one set-up photo… I need to go through my boxes of old photos and find the ones from when Emily was a brand new Twinkler….


See Sam’s black eye?  He had an amazing header in his soccer game yesterday, but then the opponent did a header right into Sam’s face. 


Anyway, it was a great recital, everybody did a great job, and I think it might have even been worth all the effort… although it really wasn’t my effort… it was the kids’ daily practices and Jessica’s teaching and encouragement… I just had to show up and enjoy the results.

10 thoughts on “Violin recital… my big day out

  1. Dear Elizabeth ~

    Thank you for sharing the recital photos. Jessica’s musical talent is a gift to all of her students and I know you appreciate her ability to think outside the box in helping Danny become a musician. He certainly is holding his violin safely as he walks in with determination. How proud you must have been today listening to all of your children create music…..including George! I guess he just didn’t want to be left out! I’m sure the recital tired you out; so rest up and continue to treat yourself gently.

    Love and prayers ~

  2. What amazing kids you have! Though I have only ever met George, I love seeing their pictures and hearing about their accomplishments. Wishing you a good week with increasing strength and energy.

  3. That is WONDERFUL! I am so glad you got to go and I know you must be proud of them all! AS USUAL great pictures to coincide with your awesome blogging! Ms Harriet and I were just discussing how great all your “journaling” is these days!!!

    Hope you have a great week! Gentle hugs and continued prayers!

  4. I just think it’s amazing that ALL are interested in violin…even George! What fun it must be to enjoy all that special music in one event.
    Thanks again for the pictures…if only we could hear the music!

    Lynette is right about your “journaling”…guess that’s another of your “hidden” talents!

    Hope you’re taking some rest time (in my “mama” voice) this week…no telling what you’ll find to do this weekend! Although, I am glad you’re enjoying those sweet kids of yours..and teen!

    Lots of love and prayers

  5. Hi Elizabeth!
    Long time lurker, first time commenter. 🙂 I LOVE the blog and pray for your and your family often!
    This is a great entry. I can sing and play the piano, but I’ve ALWAYS wanted to learn the violin. George’s picture is especially cute. I hope they don’t all practice at the same time–that would be chaotic!

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