William’s Birthday….

Our beautiful little William would have been three today.  It’s been an especially hard day since having a hysterectomy last week means no more new babies… it makes the ones we’ve had extra-precious.


You can see when you compare the size of his footprints to the size of his bracelet how truly tiny he was.  His hands were what I remember most … they were so perfect, and I was amazed at how microscopic baby fingernails could be.

Whenever I see a little boy who’s about the same age William would be, I wonder what kind of child he would have been… which of his siblings he would look like, and what kind of temperament he would have had.  We’ll never know those things, but he sure would have been loved.  Very, very loved.

12 thoughts on “William’s Birthday….

  1. Hugs–I’m sure he knows your love up there where he’ll only ever experience perfect love.

  2. Thank you for sharing sweet William’s hand and footprints with us. He is loved and remembered, as are you on this bittersweet day.

  3. Dear Elizabeth ~

    I am so sorry…..sorry that William is not here with you…..sorry that you are having a difficult day. But, William is not forgotten; he is loved and remembered. Many prayers for you today.

    Love ~

  4. Thank you for sharing such memories with us! He is def loved and will not be forgotten! BIG gentle hugs to you today and always!

  5. I have been following this blog and sending many prayers your way. Your strength as you face each challenge gives me courage to face my own challenges which are so small compared to yours. I was particularly touched by your memories of William. I, too, have memories of tiny feet and hands– so small they all fit on an index card with room to spare. My son Gregory would be 24 years old. I still wonder, like you, what he would be like. HIs two brothers are opposites in looks, and personalities — would Gregory resemble one of them or be completely different? Thanks for sharing so eloquently your journey.

  6. Happy belated birthday to St. William F. DeHority, and a happy-as-you-can birth day plus three to his mama. Today’s Pentecost as I type, so Happy Birthday to the Church. Pentecost is the anniversary of another one who is in the great Communion of Saints. Love and hugs and extra special prayers for your peace and total healing today.

  7. Sweet Elizabeth, you have seen into God’s Power with your sweet son. I know the feeling of looking at adorable little footprints and handprints when that is all they leave behind. I know little William is praying for you and for your healing through all of this. Keeping you in prayer.

  8. Hi Elizabeth

    I clicked on a link from a post on my blog in relation to my son William’s birthday- and read the post about your William.

    Words seem hollow in response to such loss.

    I remember well those words from the Sermon on the mount, where Jesus says- “Blessed are those who mourn.”

    May your days be filled with good things.


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