I forgot to tell you about the rosary!

When Sam was visiting me up at the hospital, and took a picture of that critically important and very valuable pain pump button to show you, he also took a picture of the same hand of mine using my new rosary.  I put it up since it was the next one on the camera, but didn’t think to tell you about it.


Here’s the same photo just in case.  (…actually I’m just showing off that I figured out how to get pictures from one post to another 🙂 )

Dixon, Emily, Sam, Brian, Danny and George got this rosary for me for mother’s day.  The Ave beads are amethyst, the Paters are quatrz crystal capped in sterling, and the crucifux and center are hand cast in sterling silver from vintage pieces.  They got it from www.beadsofmercy.com

The rosary is truly a work of art.  Next time you’re over, remind me to show it to you.  Danielle came over this evening with her favorite rosary, and her scriptural rosary book, thinking that praying one together might cheer me up and help me be peaceful, but due to wound and drain maintenance that I’d already taken medicine for, the timing just didn’t work out.   Oh well.  Next time.

The other thing I need to show you is the rosary artist’s other website:


She’s a Catholic homeschooling mama of many, and I especially love her blog because she has a catgeory called special blessings (you can find it a ways down on the right…) which is all about her second-youngest, Eliza, who has Down Syndrome like George.  I am always so encouraged when I see big kids with Downs who are so happy and verbal and independent! 

Here’s my very favorite post on that website… scroll down a bit for a video of Eliza leading family prayer:


So anyway, that’s the story of my new rosary.  Thanks for listening!

6 thoughts on “I forgot to tell you about the rosary!

  1. Love the rosary AND the video!

    Hope every day brings you more strength and with videos like Eliza’s you can’t help but have lots of smiles!

    Love and prayers!

  2. Hi Elizabeth…Caught up on your recent blogs. Loved them all especially the one about Danny’s birthday. It truly is amazing what he can do. What a thrill for all of you.

    Have been thinking of you and, of course, praying for you. Like Nancy Ray says, “Heaven has truly been stormed.” I hear there is some good news though we don’t have any specifics. I plan to write your Mom next to see what she can tell us.

    I know you’re dealing with some pain and lots of restrictions, but I hope the coming days are restful (yeah, restful) and hopeful for what’s to come.

    Blessings to you and all the family,


  3. I really liked this post. You explain this topic very well. There are various people who like making rosaries for numerous different reasons. People make hundreds of thousands of Mission Rosaries which are sent to missions and/or troops around the world. People purchase rosary materials for numerous reasons: Baptisms, First Communion, Confirmation, Weddings, Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. There is a wide selection of Rosary making materials. It is a great idea to engrave them to make personalized rosaries for cherished ones.

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