Hospital day…


Today is Thursday, my surgery was Tuesday and I think I lost most of yesterday.  I think I either slept through it or wasn’t paying attention due to pain.


This is the pain pumper button.  We have a complicated relationship.  I was trying to avoid him this afternoon, but when the nurse told me my systolic blood pressure was 40 points up, I decided that the pain pumper button and I needed to get it together and I gave him two beeps.  We’ll see in a few minutes how it works.


The doctors decided I couldn’t go home today, but maybe tomorrow.  Tomorrow the pathology reports might be back, too.  I’ll let you know as soon as I know.   Right now I’m going back to sleep.  For some reason I’ve been sleeping more peacefully during the day here than at night.  Maybe because when there are friends around me I just feel safer?   Hmm…….

16 thoughts on “Hospital day…

  1. Hang in there sweetie…and hold on to lots of HOPE. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 31 and went through much of what you’re going through now. That was also 31 years ago and she’ll celebrate her 62nd birthday this year! God Bless you and we’re all out there praying for complete healing!!!

  2. Elizabeth….we are all thinking of you and praying for q quick recovery. I am having trouble sending you this message….glad you are able to get a little rest. The kids will have royal entertainment at home so you have no worries about their well being. We are all anxious to hear the path report. Hope your pain subsides….

  3. elizabeth…..I have written 3 comments…..don’t think I am crazy….can’t seem to get through! We are all waiting for news… glad mom and dad are there with all of you….hang in there….hope the pain subsides…your attuude is great…

  4. Dear Elizabeth-
    You do not know me ( I came to you via the In the Heart of My Home blog) but I pray for you everyday. The Lord has great plans for you and you really an inspiration to all of us moms. You may not think of yourself as a hero (or even have set out to be one) but in my dictionary you ARE one. May our prayers for you lift you up and encourage you. Blessings to you and your family, Jennifer

  5. Am praying, throwing salt over my shoulder, and various incantations for you! Don’t be shy w/the pain button!!!!! It sounds as if George is having a wonderful time w/Betsy and her family :). Let the nurses and doctors pamper you for a day OR two. Hugs!

  6. A rosary and a pain pump: you have your bases covered. Thank you to Betsy for the news that George has discovered a new way to eat-a little messy, but the food gets to the right place. I hope they send you home tomorrow, but the most important thing is that you get the rest your body so sorely needs. No pun intended.

    I’ll see your mom tonight and send hugs. You always have my prayers. Nancy

  7. elizabeth, don’t be shy with the pain meds, your body needs to rest and be comfortable so you can heal (i know you know–but i’m a mom, i’m genetically programmed to say stuff like that).

    as always you are in our prayers, as is your whole family. {{{HGUS}}}

  8. I think it’s just easier to sleep in a hospital during the day because of all the activity. At night, it’s supposed to be “quiet”, but seems like it’s really noisier… make sense?

    I agree with Rowena…take your pain meds so you can be comfortable and rest… you know all this, but the “Mom” just comes out in ALL of us sometimes!

    Lots of prayers going up for you and that special family of yours!

  9. Dear Elizabeth ~

    I know you miss your family and here’s hoping that you can go home tomorrow. It is comforting and healing being in your own home surrounded by family and familiarity, with the bonus of sleeping in your own bed. Prayers continue for you…


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