Typing in the hospital

Yesterday I had surgery.  Mastectomy, sentinal node biopsies, hysterectomy, oophorectomy.  I am hurting and tired, so this needs to be brief.

All went well in the OR.  There was no cancer in the lymph nodes, but unfortunately there is another mass, and we don’t get the pathology results on that until Friday or Monday.

It is definitely harder to have two surgeries than one.  I think I’ve never, ever been so profoundly weary and sore ever in my life.  When you add that to anxiety about the pathology…. I don’t know.   It just feels bad.

Today they helped me stand and walk, and they have taken me off the telemetry heart and breathing monitors.  They are taking extra special precautions since my chest has been radiated so recently.  I have a button to push to get pain medication through my IV.

You’re going to be amazed at this:  One of the doctors took photos in the OR for me to put on my blog – not gory ones, just cool and interesting if you’ve never been awake in an OR before.

I have to stop typing now.  I am so hurting and so tired that even blogging is hard.  But tomorrow should be easier for sure.

Love, Elizabeth

36 thoughts on “Typing in the hospital

  1. So glad to hear from you!! I Have been praying and thinking of you. Checking your blog often. Please rest in the comfort of His Love and know
    you are being thought of and prayed for!!
    Jennifer B.

  2. All I can say is…Wow! You ARE Superwoman!!

    So glad to hear from you though!

    Elizabeth you are being prayed for constantly…I have always known you are a special “gift”…just rest and know you are definitely loved!

  3. Harriet is right …already up and at em……. Thanks for the update and I hope you can get some rest! Prayers, love, and hugs!

  4. Hi Elizabeth,

    Of course you are weary and worried. Please let others carry the load. Your parents will be there soon. It’s always so reassuring to have mom and dad taking care of you. The kids will love having them there, too. Your mom is now learning how to tweeter. Tweet? What do I know?

    None of us have stopped praying and sending positive thougths your way.

    You have become a part of my life, and I can’t imagine that you won’t be forever. Love, Nancy

  5. I pray for you throughout the day and know that God is taking extra special care of you. I’m having dinner with your mom tonight and will get the latest update, I’m sure. I will miss her while she’s gone, but I know she needs to be with you for a while. Much love and a warm and gentle hug.


  6. Delurking to say I have been praying for you since I saw the button at ebeth’s. My mom is a breast cancer survivor, and whenever I think of you or of her cancer, I pray for you both 🙂 Rest well.

    –Amanda in WA

  7. Praying for you and so sorry you are going through this. You are one strong gal to be blogging next day after surgery. Wow!

    Keep us updated on your recovery.

  8. dear elizabeth, thank you for taking the time to write personally and let us know how you are doing. now please rest. 🙂 and let your parents take care of you, they WANT to, just as you want to take care of your own children.

    if anybody knows elizabeth’s mom’s twitter screenname, please post it so we can all follow her tweets.

  9. Hi Elizabeth,

    George is finishing up 2 bottles of baby food and applesauce. He is a nice little house guest. He has slept through the night both nights. He must know that I am getting old for midnight feedings.

    He enjoyed Laurie’s band concert last night, detested Tae Kwon Do today(I think he found rap music distasteful). Mark says he loves to go to Whitaker Elementary for pick up, that he squirms to get down and play. He doesn’t seem too fond of our Sheltie, when the dog comes near he employees some climbing skills and scuttles right up who ever is holding him at the time. George enjoys staying up late reading “To Kill a Mocking bird” with Caroline. Callie and Rom are enjoying him immensely too.

  10. Elizabeth-
    You are such a trooper!! What a wonderful legacy of strength, adventure and support you have received from your mother and your grandmother. I love seeing through your blog how you pass this on to your own family and many friends. You are an inspiration and role model to me and so many others, especially as you so openly and honestly share your journey with cancer and all of it’s roller coaster emotions. You show us all how to courageously “fight the good fight.”

    I’m so glad that your surgeries went well and that your lymph nodes are cancer free. I’m praying for strengh, peace, comfort and good lab results for you!

    “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will REST in the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1

    “Cast ALL your anxieties on Him because He cares for you.” 1Peter 5:7

    Holding you in my thoughts and prayers, Janelle

  11. I think and pray for you every day and will continue to do so. You are one incredible brave woman. Pat (friend of your mom’s)

  12. My goodness, Elizabeth. Found you through EFfoss’ blog. I can’t tell you how many times I thought of you yesterday as I went about my mundane tasks. I don’t even know you and offered every joy and sorrow and challenge up, thinking to myself, what Elizabeth wouldn’t give to be debating a 6 year old….what Elizabeth wouldn’t give to be vacuuming a boys’ room and picking up their dirty socks….what Elizabeth wouldn’t give to be comforting a tired, dragged along sibling at a baseball game…what Elizabeth wouldn’t give….. You are soooo brave. Thank you for the post, you will continue to be foremost in my prayers and helping me be thankful for everything.


  13. Elizabeth! So great to hear from you and know you are ok. Please rest and let everyone take care of you. Sending you love and prayers and healing energy from Michigan.


  14. Dear Elizabeth ~

    How thoughtful of you to find the time and strength to give us a personal update. Prayers are streaming to you for…..
    ~ peace of mind
    ~ freedom from anxiety and pain
    ~ healing
    ~ an end to weariness
    God bless you.

    Love and prayers from Kalamazoo…..

  15. Elizabeth, Praying for you, so much. I light a prayer candle for you at my kitchen sink window and everytime I look at it I send up a Hail Mary for you. Praying you will feel better tomorrow.
    God Bless,

  16. I have been praying for you throughout the last week. I am just so pleased that you chose to update those of us who care, on your blog. It must have felt good to do something “normal” to you (blogging) today after all the emotional and physical ups and downs. I am continuing to pray to God and Mary, our Mother, for you and your family to feel peace, Love of God, and the even-tempered-ness of Mary’s love for all humanity.

    Elizabeth Kay

  17. Have been praying a lot and praising God that the lymph nodes came back clear. Continuing to pray hard. Thanks for the update.

  18. Elizabeth,
    Thank you for taking the time to update us all. I have been thinking of you and praying forever. Take time for yourself and rest and forget your cares. Give it to God.

  19. After all you have been through…and your still so thoughtful to update all of us. You are an inspiration to me! Please know that I am continueing to PRAY!


  20. I dont know you Elizabeth and sincerely hope I’m not breaking any rules of blog etiquette by commenting, but I stumbled on your blog recently and have been humbled by your magnificent attitude and spirit that shines so brightly. I pray for you and know that all the loving thoughts coming your way from your friends and loved ones will be helping you now. Please forgive me if I have intruded, but you have touched me greatly and I wanted to add my hearfelt good wishes.
    Elizabeth in England.

  21. What more can I say? I had a very busy day and was complaining to my husband when I finally arrived home tonight in the dark…his comment was, “Hang on, just remember your friend with the surgery, and snakes in the flood and the little baby with Downs Syndrome !”

    Praying the Joyful mysteries for you right now.

    Our Lady of Fatima – Ora pro nobis.

  22. Elizabeth,

    I am so grateful to have found this blog. I am praying for you, Dixon, and your entire beautiful family. You are amazing and strong, and your faith is an inspiration. Your sweet sense of humor is a gift, as well, helping your ‘readers’ to see the laughter in the ‘everyday’. Thank-you! What you share here touches so many, it is a form of ministry and testimony. And i believe Jesus returns these gifts to you, as well, through the same vehicle. Your path to recovery with you cancer is more rocky than most, but i have no doubt that your grit and determination, coupled with expert medical care and most importantly, the Grace of God, will see through to a time when we can all marvel at your health and strength after such an ordeal.I have been praying a nightly rosary for you since i learned you were having this surgery and will continue to do so. With admiration and love,
    Sharon Baxter

  23. Elizabeth,
    Thank you, thank you for letting us know how the surgeries went. I am amazed that you could even do it so soon, and sound normal too. I’m impressed, BUT don’t do too much and rest, relax, mend and heal. You are supported by more prayers than you will ever know.

    Edda and I had dinner with your mom last night and she seemed to be doing okay. She was relieved that the surgery was over, and she is looking forward to being with all of you.

    She has no clue what her twitter screen name is so those of you asking will have to wait for Sam or Brian (I don’t remember which one) to help her out after she gets to Charlotte.

    Betsy – thank you for the update on George. Midge and Pat are looking forward to seeing you and your family on Sunday when they arrive to bring George home. BTW, we laughed at dinner last night about how feeding George was like like feeding a horse! It was good to laugh

    Prayer, peace, and patience to you.

  24. You are an amazing woman! I have been praying for you and you have been on my mind. Danny is awesome, too! I sent home work for you to see how he has improved! He wrote the exact same “recipe” that we did back in January and the difference is remarkable! I know it will make you smile!

    Thank you for the update and keep your chin up! You can do it!

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