My prayer shawl and my socks are packed.

Today’s the big day.  I think God made it cool and breezy in Charlotte on purpose.  I would have brought my shawl and worn handmade wool socks even if it were 99 in the shade, but I’m glad it’s not.

I remember when I opened the package and found a perfect, beautiful, handknit shawl in it… and I was AMAZED that somebody would knit all those zillions of stitches for me… especially since I knew that every single stitch was really a prayer. 

Today I’ll be wrapped in prayer in many ways.  My shawl, my socks, my friends, my family, Mass for our intentions at 7 this morning, and people I’ve never even met who have taken the time and effort to care for us.

I am to arrive at the hospital at 9.  They will inject radioactive tracers at 10.  The mastectomy part starts around noon, the hysterectomy part at maybe 2:30, depending on what the mastectomy surgeon has to do with lymph nodes and all.

Dixon will be with me at the hospital until I”m out of recovery, then Connie, his office nurse, will take over to be with me through the night.  I’ll have my laptop, so maybe I can post tomorrow, otherwise Sam can hack in to let you all know I’m fine.

Gotta go get my ducks in a row.  Love,  Elizabeth

23 thoughts on “My prayer shawl and my socks are packed.

  1. Elizabeth,

    I fell asleep praying for you and woke up this morning doing the same. You and your entire family are surrounded by prayer from so many people. This will be a long day for you, but you will come out on the other side. You’re beautiful with your hand knit shawl and wool socks. So glad it’s cool enough to wear both comfortably. Sending you a warm hug from Michigan too.

  2. We are definitely with you, at least in prayer and in spirit! So glad it’s perfect weather for a prayer shawl and your knitted socks!

    If anybody has their ducks in a row…it’s you! I think it would be a good idea for Sam to keep us updated a few days and you… rest.

    Love and prayers

  3. Susan F, if you are reading this, write to me for my phone numbers.
    esther at sombre reptiles dot org
    Sombre Reptiles is all one word
    No punctuation, spaces, or anything.
    Esther P.

  4. The children and I go to Mass today, we will all offer our Mass and Communion for you, your family and your doctors. Mass is at noon.

  5. I am praying for you and your family, as well as the doctors and nurses caring for you. May God’s Will be done and may His Will be that you are healed by His hand today.

  6. You don’t know me, but you are in my prayers today and as you recover. May the Lord surround you with His Love and give you an overwhelming sense of peace at every moment.

  7. Still waiting to hear from you! I am sure that God placed his Divine Hands upon the Doctor’s Shoulders throughout the whole day in surgery today!!! Kept you in my prayers throughout the week.

  8. Dear Elizabeth ~

    My students and I lifted you up in prayer this morning as we always do. I told my class that you were having surgery today – and they earnestly set to work saying extra prayers. We are going to the 24 Adoration Chapel tomorrow – please know that you will be on our list of friends to pray for.

    May God’s love and peace surround you in a special way today.

    Love and prayers…

  9. Sam,
    Sorry about preempting you, but we have some good news to report. We talked to Dixon and Elizabeth about an hour ago. She’s groggy and uncomfortable, but on the mend. The good news is that the lymph node biopsies were negative and did not reguire removal. She had a far less invasive surgery than her previous episode. Expect more updates as soon as they are available.
    Thank you everyone for your wonderful support.
    Pat and Midge Sweeney

  10. We are praying hard Susan. I know that God works through all things and brings good from them. I am inspired by your spirit and strength. May you be strengthened by God’s grace and love as He wraps around you…just like your prayer shawl…and fills you with peace.
    Blessings and prayers to you and your family!

  11. Elizabeth,

    We are all praying for you and your family. I so enjoyed my time with Sam today :>) What an awesome kid! PLEASE let me know if I can drive anyone in your family anywhere – or do anything to help out. My heart is filled with Faith, Hope, and Belief that you will Win this fight.

    Thinking of you…praying for you,
    home: 704-665-8818
    cell: 704-996-0518

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