Betsy and the Bees

Tomorrow is my surgery.  I REALLY don’t want to think about my surgery, so let me tell you about Betsy and her bees.


This is Betsy.  We’ve been friends for a LONG time.  She’s a very smart, very hardworking  internist, she’s Danny’s godmother, and she really likes learning about new things.   Her passion for learning has to be in the top fifty of the list of the qualities I most admire about Betsy.


Betsy and her family are going to be taking care of George this week.  I know they would have happily driven down to get him, but I thought seeing the new hives would be a good distraction for me today, so I went.


Above is a photo of an observation hive.  Betsy can take one panel out of the big white hives and put it in the glass observation hive to take it places and teach kids about beekeeping.


We got to see the nectar, the pollen, the larvae, and lots more things that I can’t remember the technical names for.  But her kids have acquired a bee vocabulary like my kids can identify various kinds of wools and assorted fiber processing tools.  b6

Sam, in the jeans, got suited up to help put the panel of bees and honeycomb back in the big white hive.  The little guy on the right is Betsy’s youngest, Rom. 


Can you see the metal bowl of water on the bench by the hive?  I thought it was odd that Betsy had let some kid put packing peanuts in the water bowl for that hive.  Turns out that the packing peanuts float on the water and give the bees a safe dry place to land when they need to get a drink.  Now isn’t that more interesting to think about than surgery?


I learned something else from Betsy’s kids today, too.  Get this:  Feeding George is JUST LIKE feeding a horse.  You know I’m not an animal person, but Betsy’s kids have spent a good chunk of their lives on their grandfather’s farm in the mountains, so I assume they know what they’re talking about. 


Here’s what happened:  Today is Callie’s birthday (the next one up from Rom) and so they had made cupcakes to share with us when we dropped off George.  Callie and Rom decided to feed George, and they discovered that if you put the bits of cake IN his mouth, he bites.  But if you put the food on your palm, with your hand out really flat, and your fingers back, George will use his mouth to take the bite without chewing on your fingers.  Just like a horse! 

Horses, bees, babies… they’re going to have a busy week up there for sure.  Last time George was up with them, the bigger girls were awesome about keeping us all informed about George’s adventures through the comments… maybe they’ll do that again this time. 

Love, Elizabeth

10 thoughts on “Betsy and the Bees

  1. Elizabeth,
    I have continued to read and be inspired by your blog over all these months. I am left speechless. You and your family are awesome! We will continue to pray for you and your family as you face the challenges ahead, especially tomorrow.

  2. elizabeth, you and your whole family are in our prayers each day but especially tomorrow we will light a candle and add your surgical team to the mix. if possible, have one of the kids update the blog so we can all know you made it without a hitch. much love to you, wishing you all the blessings god can rain down on you.

  3. Elizabeth,
    Know that you touch so many people with your inspiring blog…your words, the pictures…like Kathy, we are left speechless!

    I will be praying for you, your special family and your medical team!

    Hope all our prayers, thoughts and love will bring you comfort and peace…then you can soon concentrate on healing!


  4. I have been reading your blog for a while now but have never commented. I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be fasting & praying hard for you on Tuesday.

    with much love,


  5. Thank you for your wonderful photos, writings and learning you provide for all of us. You teach us something and often brighten our days.

    Prayers to you, Dixon, your children, your parents, sister and her family, Dixon’s family, Betsy, her family and your medical staff. You will be totally surrounded by prayers and love today. I can picture you floating on the prayers and love with a smile on your face.

    Peace, prayers and patience to you.

  6. Dear Elizabeth ~

    I love coming to your blog at the end of the day because I know I will always learn something new, and today it was about bees. This is totally off subject, but I know you remember Fr. John Young…and as I recall, he had a stint with bee keeping.

    But, most importantly, what is most enthralling about your blog is that I consistently come away from your writing with a swirl of feelings that run the gamut of human emotions. You are an incredibly gifted writer (remember Mrs. Bishop and her vocab lists?) and I thank you for the many gifts you hold out to me each time I come to your blog – it’s like I know I have a present waiting from Elizabeth. I know you are totally unaware that I, (dare I say all of us?) come to you out of love and admiration, seeking a glimpse through Elizabeth’s window into a world of wisdom, inspiration, tenacity, and yes, fun. I am blessed to know you and thank you for sharing your journey.

    Love and extra prayers on this day…..

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