Mother’s Day photos

Really and truly, these aren’t just random snapshots.  They all have to do with Mother’s Day.  If I don’t explain just right how they all fit together, just nod your head and pretend I’m making sense anyway.


This is my mom.   And those are really mountains.  I just forgot exactly where 🙂 .  Last year she finally got to go to Europe to travel and visit my father’s relatives.  This picture is important to me because it reminds me that my mom spent so many years taking care of us, instead of having adventures, but never once when I was growing up did she ever point that out to us…


This is my mom with my sweet nephews, David and Nicholas.  I like this picture because it reminds me that even though my mom has a beautiful house that’s perpetually uncluttered, neat and tidy, she’s always happy to have her grandchildren there to cook, leave legos in the living room, and cover the sliding glass doors with fingerprints. 


This is a bit of detail from the baptismal gown my mom made when I was pregnant with Emily.  All her grandchildren except William have been baptized in it.  I like this picture because this gown demonstrates how my mom passes on her art and her faith to people who are special to her.


Speaking of art, did you know that my mom is an artist?  Her medium is fabric.  I like this photo of the bright ABC quilt she made for George for two reasons.  First of all, because George and I love the quilt itself, but also because it reminds me of how much thought and care she puts into her relationship with each of her grandchildren as an individual.


More “art by mom”…. this is a detail of my favorite jacket that my mom made for me.  This photo reminds me that even though I’m a grownup and a mother myself, my mom still takes care of me.  I never thought that at 42 years old I’d still NEED my mom so much and so often.   I’d rather share a photo of how she takes care of me by sewing for me than share a photo of her taking care of me through the worst of chemotherapy, so there you go.


This is my dad and his mom (who is wearing more of my mom’s wearable art 🙂 )… My grandmother is 99 years old (although she thinks she’s 100) and I haven’t gotten to see her since last August.  I like this picture for Mother’s Day because it makes me think that if my grandmother can live through all the things she’s lived through and get to be a greatgrandmother to so many, many children, I should be able to live through this cancer, get to be 99 and have countless greatgrandchildren, too.


Here’s a photo of one of my gifts from Emily today.  I like this photo because it will last forever, even when the cookie is all gone.  Emily is a pro at clutter-free gifts… I think that when she grows up she’ll have a beautiful, totally organized home with empty horizontal surfaces in every room :-).


And here’s my Mother’s Day card from Danny… he brought it home from Ecole du Samedi yesterday and was too excited about making this art for me to save it until today.  So we’re back to shared art, mothers and the joy of children. 

Happy Mother’s Day, mom.  I love you so much.

5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day photos

  1. Dear Elizabeth ~

    Now that I’ve wiped away a few tears I can thank you for sharing your tribute to your mom. It is surprising that no matter how old we become, we yearn for our mother’s love and touch. It seems that when mom is around everything is going to be all right; we can place our worries in her capable hands, draw strength from her presence, and lean on her shoulder.

    Happy Mother’s Day to Midge and Elizabeth, two special and talented mothers.

    Love and prayers ~

  2. I knew from all the stories you would tell us that your Mom was really special, but with these pictures you have created a great gift for her…what a special mom!

    Know what? I’ve seen some of your creations and she’s done a great job teaching you to be one special mom and friend as well!

    Great job Emily and Danny!


  3. Elizabeth,
    What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful person, your Mom!

    I am blessed to know her as a friend. She is a special person, as you and Jane are too. With your father in that mix, you belong to an exceptional family.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Prayers to all of you tomorrow.

  4. Dear Elizabeth,
    I agree with the comments about your lovely tribute to your mother. Now we know where you get it from!

    We just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorrow and to say that we will keep you and all your family in our thoughts.
    With love from Lili and Caroline.

  5. Hi Elizabeth!

    Angels and prayers and love and more warm memories of motherhood surround you tomorrow! I think about you everyday and picture you surrounded with light – may healing permeate your body and soul. You are so amazing to me. I am truly in awe of your perspective, your honesty and your unwavering commitment to your family – such a witness to your faith and your character. Know that I’m carrying you and your family in hy heart, in my prayers. And, if I wasn’t in Michigan I would contribute to the cooler – if you have any mail order favorite snacks – please let me know!! 🙂 As I read your comments about your wonderful Mom, I remembered when your Mom celebrated a special occasion and Sue Petro and I created a book of designs and called it “Midgee Hilfiger”…it was hilarious! If she still has it you might get a kick out of seeing it – think it included some designs for the Pope!
    Much love and hope, Maureen Hall

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