Emmy Roses

My stress and anxiety about my impending surgery is getting worse.  I saw the dermatologist yesterday, though, and she put together a plan to get my burns healed over by next week.  Right now I’m covered in bandages from my jaw to the bottom of my ribs.  Since I don’t want to make THAT photo public, I’ll show you pictures of my roses.  I took these right before dinner tonight.


When Emily Rose DeHority was very little, I think the summer right before she turned two, she told everyone her name was Emmy Roses.  Therefore, she figured that the rose bushes were special just for her. 


How could I argue with such logic?  Someday soon I need to find and scan a photo of her at that age.  I think perhaps she’s the one George most closely resembles.


The rose garden could be really nice if it weren’t so neglected.  The soil is great, it gets full Carolina sunshine, and the kids don’t play on that side of the driveway.


The big problem is bugs.  I’m not trying to grow them organically, but I forget to spray them as often as they deserve.  I usually only think about it when I’m driving backwards out of the driveway, and since I hate being late for things, I don’t take the time right then and there to spray them.


So they tend to all bloom nicely at the beginning of the year.  Then the cankerworms and the other nasty bugs eat so many leaves that the poor bushes haven’t got much left to photosynthesize with.  Plus I don’t get around to pruning them and all…


But they somehow manage to come back every year, and every year I fully intend to do a little better taking care of them.  Something always gets in the way, though… a sick baby, or a torn rotator cuff, or too much time out of town, or cancer or something.  Maybe next summer will be boring, uncomplicated and easy, and I’ll have time to take care of my roses….

8 thoughts on “Emmy Roses

  1. BEAUTIFUL roses!! BEAUTIFUL story about Emily! They are special for her indeed!!!

    Here is to having a boring,uncomplicated, and easy summer next year with LOTS of free time for rose care or whatever you would like to pursue in your free time!!! 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots of productive rest! THANK You for taking the time and energy required to keep us updated!!! Prayers and gentle hugs!

  2. Hope your dermatologist has you feeling better and healed soon!

    Tell Miss Emily Rose Dehority that I like the name Emmy Roses… pretty creative for a two year old!

    I think she and George favor as well… do we get to see those pictures?

    Your roses are beautiful, but just think how they will look next summer with your TLC devoted to them. Although, I can’t imagine YOU ever being “bored”! We’ll be praying and focusing on uncomplicated and easy!

    I wish we could ease your anxiety and stress, just know we love you and are praying for you and that you’ll find some peace in those beautiful children…and roses you are growing.

    Sending lots of hugs and prayers your way!

  3. Hi
    Let God take care of your beautiful roses. He was doing a stellar job of that long before humans came along and thunk up pesticides. The fact that the lovely fragrant gems return to grace your home and family year upon year is proof positive that God is stronger than the cankerworms.
    Love, me

  4. that is a beautiful story, elizabeth, thank you for sharing it with us! i hope this weekend is peaceful, restful, and full of healing for you. and i have faith that next summer will be as boring as you could ever want. love, rowena___.

    ps to esther–my mother signs her notes “mom-me”.

  5. Beautiful roses! Because the roses are so special to her, maybe Emmy Roses will want to take care of them them this spring–my kiddos love to work in the garden, and they are way more diligent than I am.

    I am praying for healing and rest for you. I understand your anxiety and pray for your peace of heart. What date is your first communicants big day?

    PS to Rowena–I love that “mom-me” I’ll have to borrow that–my kids will love that humor!!

  6. you pictures are beautiful ~ and when was by your house the other day I couldn’t resist smelling them ~ something my Kaitlin has taught me well. They smell just as wonderful as they look.
    thanks for sharing!

  7. Dear Elizabeth ~

    Gorgeous roses! “Gorgeous” supposedly originated in late 15th century France describing sumptuous clothing. So, I know it’s a stretch, but let’s look at the jaw to rib bandages as your “gorgeous clothing” to start healing over those radiation burns. I pray that your dermatologist’s plan is going to work.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely garden – roses and otherwise.

    Love and prayers from Kalamazoo…..


  8. Elizabeth,

    The roses are simply beautiful. I used to grow roses too, a long time ago.

    I am the very proud and happy new owner of a pair of socks made by you. I sent a photo to your mom, which she will pass on to you. Thank you, thank you! I think of you and pray for you regularly, but these gorgeous socks will bring you to mind again, every time I wear them.

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