It’s BIRD! It’s a PLANE! No…


It’s a soccer ball! 

Finally I made it to one of Brian’s games.  Well, part of one of Brian’s games.  At half time I had to go home, since I was just too tired to stay at the field.  But what I saw was good fun.  I think Brian likes soccer because he prefers moving.  All the time.


It’s not like he can’t sit quietly when he needs to, but he’s SO much happier outdoors than in, and mobile rather than still.


I look at all my babies around me during dinner sometimes and I wonder…  how in the world did I end up with an athlete at my table?

6 thoughts on “It’s BIRD! It’s a PLANE! No…

  1. Dear Elizabeth ~

    I’m impressed with the ability of the photographer to catch Brian in action. Is it you doing the honors? GREAT shots that captured his joy and intensity. How thrilled he must have been that you were there; his proud and loving mom in the stands. Please share the name of your camera with us – maybe if I buy one my pictures will turn out as well as yours.

    Love and prayers from Kzoo…


  2. Elizabeth will say “I just see what I like and shoot”!

    Your pictures have always been amazing! What’s surprising me is your wonderful way with words…I think it’s a form of “journaling” isn’t it? It is typed though, I think it was the “I don’t like my handwriting” that stopped you from journaling wasn’t it?!

    I know the time you spent at Brian’s game was fun and will he love those pictures!

    Hugs and prayers!

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    The pictures are wonderful, as they always are. How fun for Brian to have you there to see him doing what he so enjoys. As for the athlete at yur table-God works in mysterious ways. But, of course, you are already well aware of that.

    I did not respond to your last blog because I could not find adequate words. I still am unable to do so. I will instead tell you I am praying that you find peaceful moments, strength from all the prayers being sent your way, joy in your chldren and George’s new shoes, and the knowledge you are in the palm of God’s hand. Treat yourself gently.

    I will be seeing your mom tonight for our monthly card group. We laugh so much that we completely lose track of whose turn it is, who played what, and does the queen of spades count as a heart or not.

    Love, Nancy

  4. An athlete at your table – it is just part of what makes him special, it is his gift, and it must be in the genes somewhere! He is your middle child so maybe that gift is what sets him apart from the others – along with your photographic skills.

    Those are awesome shots by the way! I wish I had just one photo of my each of my boys showing that joy and concentration that you have caught in Brian’s photos.

    Peace, prayers and patience to you. Also, more pictures for us and I’ll give you a hug through your mom when I work with her tomorrow night.

  5. wow, he is so grown up in these pictures! and such a beautiful child. how proud you must be of him!

    i pray you are resting and that god will soon fill your heart with his peace. hugs and much love.

  6. LOVE these pictures!

    I am sure he loved having you at his game!
    I hope you are having a good week! You remain in our prayers daily! MANY hugs to you and yours!

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