New pictures… ending radiation

I have two more radiations left.  Unfortunately, I have a bad attitude about this.  As much as I’ve struggled with this part of my treatment, I’m NOT looking forward to having it be over.  You see, I’ve managed to avoid thinking much about my surgery because it wasn’t going to happen until AFTER radiation. 

Tuesday starts the part of this journey I’ve been thinking of as AFTER radiation.

When people tell me how happy they are for me that on Tuesday I’ll be done with radiation, I’m not nearly as cheery as they think I should be.  It’s hard to be excited about something you’re really dreading, you know?  Even though my surgery isn’t for two more weeks AFTER radiation, I’m already getting anxious about it.  Really anxious. 

So let’s talk about pictures instead.  Tomorrow I’ll post pictures of the First Communicants retreat morning yesterday… it was great.  But today I’ve got a few other new things to show you.


Sara found me a four leaf clover.  I don’t know how she finds them all the time… she walks Gus (her dog) and somehow manages to just see them.  I don’t even think she crawls around looking… she spots them from something like five feet eight inches off the ground.  But anyway, she thought I could use one. 


Another one of my friends thought George could use a pair of shoes, so she MADE him some.  I’m not kidding.  She SEWED him real shoes.  He’s absolutely fascinated with them… he’s not figured out how to take them off yet, but when he does, he’s going to be the happiest one year old around 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m happy that my hair is growing back.


Except I wanted it to come back red and curly, and I think it’s looking very dark brown and really straight.  I thought for a while that my eyebrows were never going to grow, but all of a sudden they popped out:


You can even see little tiny eyelashes, too.  I was worried they were never going to grow back either.

I think perhaps my worries about my upcoming surgery are a little more rational than my fear that my eyelashes were’t going to come back.  But it’s OK, my surgery isn’t until AFTER radiation….

8 thoughts on “New pictures… ending radiation

  1. Ah! There are other people with the four leaf clover mojo! I have it, and my oldest daughter has it. Yes, I and she can spot them from eye level to ground. It’s like they have little beacons that say “four leafer here!” My mojo isn’t as toned as it used to be. I guess it’s ‘coz I haven’t been walking much lately. But my daughter’s mojo is in fine shape.

    The radiation is brutal. I’m grateful that this part of the journey will be behind you soon.

    I’m sorry that you are so dreading the surgery. I will pray for more peace of heart.

    Did you ever call Louise?

  2. I haven’t looked for four leaf clovers in a long time, I think might give it a try when Brice and Harrison come over next time.

    Love George’s shoes! They are so sweet trying to figure things out… Good Luck George with getting those shoes off by yourself!

    I will be praying for peace of heart for you too. Just remember we love you and are in our thoughts constantly.

    Red and curly, huh? Hey, with the help of your hairdresser, anything is possible!

    Hugs and prayers!

  3. Love George’s new shoes! He is stylin’. Be careful what you wish for, as you know, once he learns to take them off they won’t stay on, especially since it will be warm or even hot and humid.

    I can understand that you are dreading your surgery, but it is one more step toward your recovery. Try to move from AFTER radiation to what you will be doing AFTER surgery. After my surgery I will be able to …….

    Please know that there are many of us supporting you and hoping that you will have some peace of heart soon.

    I agree with Harriett about the hairdresser! Red and curly – not a problem, but brunettes can have fun too, you know!

    Peace, prayers and patience to you.

  4. So interesting about Sara’s 4 leaf Meredith is the same way~ but we have never met someone else who can “see them” like she does. Does she also find the 5 & 6 leaf ones?

    George’s Shoes are adorable!! Can’t wait to see him again!

    Prayers for you as you close this chapter and begin preparing for the next. You are so strong, but it is ok to feel weak, God holds us all in the palm of His hand~ all the time. Praying for His comfort to engulf your whole family.
    love and hugs

  5. Those shoes are marvelous!! Are they from Catherine–or made from her pattern? Darling!!

    I’m with you in wishing for red, curly hair–but I’m too lazy and cheap to mess with a hairdresser, so salt and pepper will have to work for me. I have to vicariously enjoy my nieces’ long, red hair.

    I understand the dread for the surgery–and will pray with the others for your peace.

    Can’t wait for the first communion retreat photos. I loved that preparation when I taught in Catholic School. Saturday was confirmation for our class of two–that included our daughter. I LOVE the smell of the chrism oil. I sniffed her forehead this morning–after two showers and she still has the “odor of sanctity.”

    Smiling at your four leaf clover and thinking and praying for you.

  6. Dear Elizabeth ~

    I haven’t looked for 4 leaf clovers since…I can’t even remember the last time. Maybe I should add it to my retirement list, along with volunteering, re-learning to knit, traveling, reading, gardening….you get the idea.

    The whole 4 leaf clover topic got me to thinking about what we choose to do with our time and how adult responsibilities get in the way of simpler things we did as children… slowing down and looking for 4 leaf clovers. Maybe God made things like 4 leaf clovers to help us realize that it’s all about “living in the moment.”

    I can remember being on my tummy in the backyard with childhood friends, totally oblivious to the passage of time, as we focused on finding a green weed…..a weed that is totally unimportant and not very useful, except for the fact that it SLOWS us down and forces us to live in the here and now.

    Maybe God made 4 leaf clovers for children to help them learn to focus on detail; and maybe He made them for adults to remind us to live in the present. So… message to you today is to live in the here and now as much as you can, and even though it is really hard, try not to worry about your upcoming surgery.

    By the way…your friends who have commented on this post have a wealth of wisdom. To all of you – thank you for sharing. To Elizabeth – thank you for being the vehicle that has brought all of us together.

    Love and prayers from Kalamazoo.


  7. today’s the day! the end of radiation and the beginning of the next stage in healing. i won’t pretend to understand your feelings of dread, but i can relate to the fear of the unknown future. i do know with unerring faith that you are in god’s hands and that is the safest place to be. you and your dear family are in our daily prayers.

    ps–my mother finds 4-leaf clovers too–its like she can sense them, she practically trips over them. ella and i will make a point of finding a 4-leaf clover for you today.

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