Too tired to text

so just a few photos from Easter will have to suffice.









Tomorrow I’ll have more energy and will do words.  AND pictures.  …of our visit in Nashville with Rowena, of George’s new shoes and my newly growing hair… but now I’m going to put some more ointment on my burns and rest under the ceiling fan.

Love, Elizabeth

9 thoughts on “Too tired to text

  1. Hi, Elizabeth ~

    George is just TOO cute! The photo of all five of your delightful children in their different colored outfits reminds me of colorful Easter eggs in a basket – how appropriate for Easter Sunday. All of them look like they are thriving and so happy – thanks in large part to your dedication to them and the grace of God. Hot Cross Buns – a perfect picture to end with and I hope you were able to have a bite or two. Praying for good news on Friday with George’s hearing test.

    Please continue to treat yourself gently. Love and prayers from Kalamazoo.


  2. I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this to you, but with pictures like yours “sometimes” words aren’t necessary! Although you have a gift for both.

    Hope you can get some needed rest!

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