2:55, post from Elizabeth

George and I are home, safe and sound.  Speaking of “sound” … Emily feels absolutely certain that George can already hear better.  I’m not as sure… we’ll see what happens at his preliminary testing on Friday.

Things went OK at the hospital, mostly.  George was happy and friendly, even without breakfast, but it was awfully hard on my arm and chest to hold him for two straight hours.  There really wasn’t any place I could put him down either in the waiting room or in the pre-op area… our little room just had a rocker and regular chairs, with no bed or crib, and there wasn’t another open room to switch to.

The surgeon was happy with the surgery, and said that once he got through the eardrum and got the fluid out of the way, everything went smoothly under the microscope… the anesthesiologist, however, was not so happy since it took five tries to get George’s IV.  He’s got the bruises to prove it, too.  (George, not the anesthesia guy 🙂 )

Things were routine in the recovery room (and I even got to call home to get the kids to post an update… ) and we returned home to find out that Susan F. had consulted with Sam and brought over lunch and treats for everybody… since getting home we have discovered that George LOVES chicken and dumplings soup. 

Now I’m on my way to radiation.  Ugh.  But after that I can thoroughly fall apart from the stress of the whole day, since Sara’s handling soccer practice and Sam can get himself to MEF training and scouts.

Thanks for all the love and the prayers.

10 thoughts on “2:55, post from Elizabeth

  1. Poor George and his bruises. While it was very tiring for you to hold him, it was probably very comforting for him. I’m sorry you couildn’t have one without the other. Chicken and dumpling soup-what’s not to love?

    I hope you do fall apart when you return from radiation. It’s what your body needs. Prayers are still being sent your way. Maybe by Friday, we will find out that they are prayers of thanksgiving for George’s hearing. Love, Nancy

  2. I have seen the “Praying for Elizabeth” flags on some of the blogs I read and I just found out from a cyberfriend that you live here in Charlotte. I also live here and in an effort to not divulge too much over the internet, you can contact me from my blog if you want and I can tell you where we live (our parishes are very close). I really just wanted to write that if you ever need anything from someome local, help or a meal, just contact me. motherlyloving.blogspot.com. Prayers for you.
    – Robina

  3. Hello,

    I wanted to say hi and let you know I was thinking of you. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! You and your family will be remembered in my daily rosary. May God Bless you.

    Maria Therese In Mass

  4. The big worries of the day are done. Whew! Loved the photo of George with the Easter eggs from yesterday, and am thrilled that things went well overall with his surgery.

    I just talked to your Mom and heard about her root canal scheduled for tomorrow. I asked her if her abcess this week was the same tooth as your Dad had last week. She didn’t know, but I think this is taking the togetherness thing too far!

    Rest up! Mmmm chicken and dumpling soup sounds wonderful.

    P.S. I need to asked Jan R. if she went to Parchment Schools. If so, I don’t think I’ve seen you since we had kids at the same nursery school

    Teresa (my family and Parchment name.)

  5. wonderful news!!! yum chicken dumpling soup!!!

    i hope you can get some rest. prayers for wonderful tests at george’s dr/hearing tests! 🙂

  6. Great news Ellizabeth! I just have to tell you again that your kids are the best!

    I agree with Nancy, sometimes we all need a little time to “fall apart”…a good stress reliever! Then maybe you can enjoy some chicken and dumpling soup and get some rest!

    You’re always in my thoughts and prayers…I can’t believe you are so faithful to keep us updated…you really put me to shame! Just know you are one wonderful inspiration!

    Good luck to George on his hearing tests!

  7. Dear Elizabeth ~

    Lucky George – he got to cuddle in your loving arms as you rocked him. Maybe that is what he will remember most about this experience and not all the interminable needle poking and resultant bruising from the anesthesiologist. A new part of my prayer for George will be that Emily’s intuition is correct.

    You could write an eye-opening book for medical students about the DONT’S in health care from the patient’s and caregiver’s perspective. I hope the staff made note of your chest and arm discomfort and will will rectify the situation for the next mom in your shoes.

    Chicken and dumpling soup – mmm…mmm. I hope “the best mom ever” (that’s you!) enjoyed a few spoonfuls either before or after radiation.

    Nancy is absolutely right. Please treat yourself gently and remember that the tears from crying are therapeutic and sometimes necessary. Thank you again for sharing your journey with us; it looks like you helped connect me with someone (Teri) from years ago.

    You, your story, and your family touch me deeply. As always…much love and countless prayers from Kalamazoo.


    P.S. Teri – I did graduate from Parchment. Please give me more information so I can find you in my memory bank. Was your maiden name Renwick? My daughters attended Westwood Co-Op Preschool. Marie Frederick was the teacher.

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