How to win a chess trophy


First you have to read a LOT of chess books.  Then you can win a trophy taller than you are!


Really it’s Sam’s trophy.  He came in 11th in the country for his division. 


Even though he lost his last round, he still placed, and he was so happy.


Someday George will be able to play chess, but for now, he’s perfectly happy to practice his clapping at awards ceremonies for big kids.


We’ve had a great weekend with our chess friends and the kids’ cousins.  I am really, really tired, and I think I’ve had lots more breakdown of the skin on my chest than I would have if I’d just hung out at home on the sofa.   I’m sure at some point during the long drive back to Charlotte I’m going to question whether it was worth it, but at the moment I’m definitely happy to be at Supernationals.  And to all the parents of the other Charlotte chess players who were here, thanks for all the love and support and for rescuing me in moments of need this weekend 🙂

5 thoughts on “How to win a chess trophy

  1. Thanks for the photos and the call tonight. We’re sorry we weren’t with you, but your great commentaries and matching photos were a close second to being there.
    Have a safe trip home.
    Mom and Dad

  2. Congratulations, Sam! (and Emily, Brian, Danny and of course George, too! )

    I am so glad you had a great weekend…NOW will you take some time to “rest”?

    You are one special mom, Elizabeth…and friend, too! I want to thank those parents who helped “rescue” you as well.

  3. Team DeHority which included Jordan, David and Nicholas – you made all of us proud! Sam – wow! I hope your head fit in the van on the way home along with that wonderful trophy!

    I loved the photos and the updates. Get some rest and enjoy the afterglow of success. What a super weekend!

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