The pressure’s on for Sam

We’re still at SuperNationals.  The big news is that Sam is undefeated after four rounds… he’s playing his fifth (out of seven) right now, he’s at the third board in his section.


He’s really having a great weekend, playing good chess and being with his friends.


The picture above is Sam’s friend Jordan – he drove down with us and is tired of having his picture taken.   And below is Sam’s friend JP (the same JP from the lonely goalie picture last weekend 🙂 )


Season after season, Sam and Jordan and JP have been on the same soccer team.  This is always a problem during chess tournament weekends, since all three of them would miss their games.  This season Jordan changed leagues, so it’s been especially nice for all three of them to be together.


Speaking of being together, my kids have loved having their cousins here, too.  David and Brian are in the same section, and are actually ranked only three or four apart out of the 515 kids in that division. 


And here’s Nicholas, who would have been in the same section with Danny but he got skipped out of first grade at the beginning of the school year so he had to move up in chess, too.


Brian usually doesn’t stick his tongue out when he’s thinking, but he hasn’t come back from his match yet so that I can ask him if he was just doing it because I was taking pictures…


Emily is in the high school division this year.  Every time you move into a new division, you keep the same rating but you’re usually going to play people with more maturity and experience.  Therefore being a 9th grader is tough. 


Danny doesn’t think being a kindergartener is hard, though.  He’s having a great time, even though he hasn’t won a match yet.  He has the right attitude.  He came out of his first match all excited, so I thought he must have won.  He hadn’t.  He was all excited because he had figured out that if he resigned, he’d manage to avoid being checkmated.   His coach told him he couldn’t do that anymore, so the next game he came out all happy because he’d gotten checkmated instead of resigning.  If only he could always have such a positive attitude!


George seems to be getting more enthusiastic about chess.  Or at least he’s getting more enthusiastic about chess pieces.  As for me, I’m just hoping that Sam continues to do well, and that the pressure of winning doesn’t interfere with his enjoyment of the weekend.  I’ll let you know tomorrow how his tournament ends up.

2 thoughts on “The pressure’s on for Sam

  1. Good luck Sam!

    They will love your photography skills as they get older…just keep snapping! I love how you catch their personalities, makes me miss them even more!

    Thanks for keeping us updated and hope they all have a great time…

  2. LOVE all the pictures! thanks for the updates! looks like everyone is enjoying the weekend! 🙂
    hope you have a safe trip home!!!

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