Waiting for Brian to get home

Brian has been in Raleigh for the past three days having adventures with 12 other ten year olds (and four grown ups 🙂 ) and was on his way home when his train mysteriously stopped… And it’s still stopped.

Turns out that a train going the other way crashed into a car hauler truck and the tracks are blocked indefinitely.   Thank God nobody was killed, and after seeing the pictures, that’s a miracle for sure.


All that the Amtrak folks are saying is that the train (the one Brian’s on) is going to be late…  the first guy I talked to at their national information line didn’t even know that one of their trains had crashed.  The local train station says that Brian’s train will be in at 9:05 (six minutes from now), while we sit here watching live TV seeing that the first train is still stuck on the tracks… and I heard via the cell phone chain that Brian’s train is an hour away and still not moving. 

I hope he’s thinking of this as just another part of his adventure, rather than a cause of tears and anxiety.   Wouldn’t you think that in this age of technology that Amtrak would be able to get information around a little better???

Love, Elizabeth

3 thoughts on “Waiting for Brian to get home

  1. I am sure with that many ten year olds they are definitely having an adventure…it’s the four grown ups we should “worry” about!

    Hopefully you will be hugging him soon!

    Oh, the stories he’ll have to tell!

  2. WOW! I am glad noone was injured! That is a miracle! 🙂

    I hope he is home soon safe and sound!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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