Various and random…

# 1.   In response to the comments:  Why roll over worms?  In my defense, until Danny pointed it out, I had no idea I was rolling over worms, my intent was to NOT step on worms.  I hate stepping on worms. 

# 2.  My friend Elizabeth F, who knows radiation from personal experience, told me in no uncertain terms that I was to stop referring to radiation THERAPY as getting cooked.  That sort of negative terminology (and thus thinking) could only make things worse.  But it’s hard to just not think of something… you know the jokes, of course.  Then Sarah Wheeler, a wonderful teacher friend who really understands the Emilys and Sams and Dannys (and Elizabeths 🙂 ) of this world, sent me flowers.  TROPICAL flowers, right when I was most struggling with changing my thinking.  It’s all better now.  No more “cooking” because now I’m on the beach.  Getting a nasty sunburn for sure, but can’t you just feel those rays!?!?!  Then I shared my visualization (and how it came to be) with somebody else at radiation, who pointed out to me that usually tropical flowers grow in the rain forest, not on the beach.  I told him I wasn’t sure if he was right or not but that if my new concept gets me through this whole thing, when I’m all done I’ll just go FIND a beach with flowers like mine.

# 3.  Speaking of radiation, I’m finished with 8 of 33 treatments.  I had to go get Danny early from schoolschool today because he was having irregular heart beat troubles.  After we got that all fixed up, he made me a paper chain to keep track of how many I have left.


These were as close to tropical colors as we could get without having to get out the paints, and I just wasn’t into the whole paint concept today. 

# 4.  (now we are totally done with the subject of radiation….)  You have to see a picture of something that came in the mail today.  I wanted to take a picture of it in George’s little chair to show you that it was even bigger than George, but there was so much it refused to stay seated properly.  Just like George.


Remember when we talked about cashmere? (if not, see )  To make a long story short, there is a dear lady named Sue at the company I order mill end cashmere from who has gone out of her way many times to find me exactly what I need to make socks.  So I decided that I’d make her a pair… teal sparkle socks to be exact.  She loved them, she found my blog, and next thing I knew the folks at had sent me the biggest parcel of cashmere I’d ever seen.  Bigger than George.  Exactly the kind I use in my sock recipe.  Some regular, some sparkles.  All soft.  There are definitely a few tropical colors in there… might have to make some tropical socks for Sarah Wheeler for helping me get my thinking right about radiation 🙂

# 5.  I forgot what number five was.  I KNOW there was a number five, but it disappeared from my brain.  Oh well.  I’ll remember later and tell you tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Various and random…

  1. Being random is good sometimes 🙂 , and speaking of socks, Callie got her’s in the mail yesterday and told me to post
    Quote “I love them thank you soooo much, they feel nice on the biiiiig cut on my foot!”
    And for the record that is a direct quote and it did sound like ‘soooo’ and ‘biiiiig’ when she said it.

  2. My dear freind Elizabeth, I have recently found out about you and this
    site. I am so sorry and sad at the same time. As others are keeping you in their paryers so am I and everyone at my school. I don’t have any thing intelligent to say or special to make you feel good, so I hope just
    hearing from a blast in your past helps!!!! I miss our Friday nights and being able to talk and laugh, maybe whan you are better we can do it again!!! Talk to you soon!!

  3. Wow, that’s some stack of yarn! You knit, girlfriend!
    BTW, it reminds me… did you ever find out who sent the mystery yarn a while back? That’s a yes/no question, not a whodunnit question.
    Didn’t mean to upset you about the wormies. Just saying that my kids miss the school bus way too often (today was one… sigh) and sometimes it has to do with things like rescuing wormies. Sometimes. Usually it has more to do with “can’t find the bread!” or “can’t tie my shoes” or “can’t get out of bed”. 🙂

  4. Love the counting chain! That Danny, he’s a creative guy. You sure he didn’t have anything to do with a fossil necklace? >;-)

  5. Yarn is great, people are great and generous and surprise us with their generosity. Your kids are beautiful and I so admire how you find such creative ways to interest the in learning about the world they live in.
    I’m glad you have a measurement for when this “sunburn” will be over. You continue in my thoughts and prayers

  6. Think Danny has that “creative” gene of yours!

    Enjoy all that yarn…I have trouble crocheting (using 1 needle!), I can only imagine trying to learn to knit!

  7. #5 was probably … call my travel agent to be on the lookout for a beach special or a cruise …

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Danny’s paper chain! What a smart boy!

    glad you have some random thoughts today! we love you and continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers daily!

  8. Danny – cool idea for your Mom!

    Staff at – what a thoughtful thing!

    Ahhhh – a tropical beach with flowers… I can see it now.

  9. ah, danny’s chain is so dear! i can hardly wait to see the pile of cut chains when you’re done.

    and the folks at colourmart have now won my undying loyalty, and proven yet again that the world is full of caring, generous souls.

  10. Hiya Elizabeth

    Glad you like the yarn, I just hope that the chidrens sweets turn up,
    I do like the daisy chain idea.
    I think that you can be as negative as you want about your treatment If I were in your shoes i’d call it “being newked” like in a microwave but then I aint right in the head according to my daughter!!

    Keep well

  11. Hi Elizabeth

    I met a really cool grandmother yesterday at a luncheon where I was speaking. She is a breast cancer survivor. 36 years ago, she was told by her doctor that she had a few months to live. She told God she wasn’t ready to go yet. She needed to watch her kids grow up and meet her grandkids! And that is exactly what she has done. A great reminder that those simple and direct prayers from the heart work really well!

    Laura Beth

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