“What’s the opposite of homeschooling?”

On the way home from his school today, Danny was thinking about possibilities for the opposite of homeschooling.  His first thought:  “Is it schoolschooling?”   He came up with unschooling, but I told him that somebody had already used that word. 


I thought of an advantage to schoolschooling today.  If I didn’t have to go out of the house to pick Danny up from kindergarten, I would never have taken a wonderful walk in the rain.  I would have stayed inside except for dashing to the van and back to go to radiation, which is not nearly as much fun as a leisurely stroll with my five year old. 

We got wet.  We rolled over worms.  We discussed lots of good words.  We investigated how high the water was in the creek at the top of the hill and at the bottom of the hill.  I know that plenty of homeschooling moms have the enthusiasm and energy to go play in the rain, but since I’m not one of the them, I’m glad I’m a schoolschooling mom, too.

5 thoughts on ““What’s the opposite of homeschooling?”

  1. I know Danny loved his “stroll”, rolling over worms and all! Just think what fun you two will have when it gets a little warmer!

    Have fun with your “schoolschooling” Danny!

  2. I’m a happy-to-be-school-schooling mom, too. But for a different set of
    reasons. 🙂 Poor wormies. My kids would have stopped to rescue every one of then on the journey! Partly explains why we miss the school-schooling bus quite frequently. (Doesn’t entirely explain it, however.)

  3. elizabeth, what a blessing to be able to see the beauty in each opportunity!

    esther, ella would have rescued every worm too, or more precisely she would have insisted i rescue them on her behalf, because as you know princesses do not actually touch worms.

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