Returning to reality is tough!

Late Saturday night, Emily called me to announce that her concert was going to be at noon Sunday, rather than 2 PM… they had changed it to try to avoid the bad weather that can make mountain driving unsafe.  I told her I’d do my best, but my last class at my retreat wasn’t supposed to end until noon, and even in good weather, it’s more than an hour from Hickory to Boone…

I decided Sunday morning that I’d just go to the first little bit of my class so that I could be at her entire concert.  But first I needed to get Charlene Schurch to sign my books!


Speaking of her sock books, she had brought the model socks with her to use in this Sunday class:


It was so neat to see her art in real life and up close… even inside out to see how it was put together 🙂  And she shared some of her best tricks and secrets with the class:


As soon as I’d gotten the handout and done one totally cool new-to-me sock heel technique, I said goodbye and headed up the mountain.  The weather really was awful, but I think that road wouldn’t be fun even in dry sunny weather.  It’s a curvy two lane road with pylons all over and far too many crashed-through barriers on the downhill side.  I left the retreat at 9:30 and arrived at the concert moments before noon.


I’m so glad I made the effort to get there in time.  It was really, truly wonderful.  Although each individual student had been working on the music for several weeks, the group as a whole had only been working together for 2.5 days… (although Emily pointed out that one of those days included more than eleven hours of rehearsal…)  They made such amazing sound.   Even more amazing to me, though, was the fact that my little girl (you know, the one who is taller than I am 🙂 ) could be part of a group like this… her music has brought her so many opportunities for learning and adventure. 


And her music gave her the chance to get snow at least 12 hours before her brothers.  (Of course my children would NEVER be competitive about things like that…)

So now I’m back to the world of sick little guys, wet gloves, sticky kitchen floors and a constantly ringing phone  (which is rarely for me 🙂 )  But I’m glad to be home.  As fun as it was, I sure missed my family.

Love, Elizabeth

9 thoughts on “Returning to reality is tough!

  1. Competitive about who gets snow first? That’s truly funny!
    Welcome home to “ma ma ma ma MA MA MA”-ing George. May he and
    Danny heal quickly and completely. Glad you got your books signed!!!

  2. Dear Elizabeth ~

    Your weekend sounds perfect – other than your treacherous drive in snow-filled mountains. Both you and Emily fit the adage that you cannot use up your creativity…the more you use, the more you have. You are both amazing and wonderfully blessed. I hope you post pictures of your new sock techniques and a recording of Emily…..I’d enjoy hearing her play.

    By the way, I love the picture of Emily with the snow in the background – are you sure you didn’t sneak up north for your glorious weekend? Sure looks like blustery Michigan in the photo!

    Love and prayers from Kalamazoo.


  3. It sounds like you and Emily had a wonderful weekend. Emily you are truly blessed to be asked to join the honors band as a freshman. You have a true talent and you should be proud of yourself.

    Elizabeth, ditto Jan, we want to see photos etc. of the weekend.

    Glad you made it home safe and sound.

  4. LOVE IT! I am glad you are both home safe and sound! I thought about you when it got bad yesterday! Glad you had a good weekend!

  5. Elizabeth! I found your blog via a blog of a blog I usually keep up with and as I was looking over it found that we live in the same town- what a small world! I will be praying for you and for your family!
    I have to ask you if you can advise me on how to learn to knit since you are into fiber arts! I have, well, I have alot of kids but only two are girls old enough to learn to work with their hands and I think spinning and knitting are close to the heart of God for some reason-and every child should know how to knit a sweater! Can you recommend any one or any place that gives lessons or any video that is good to learn from?
    Did you see that there is a yarn store going out of business near Charlotte- I saw a note on it through a homeschool group I am on- if you want the info I will dig it up!
    Your kids are beautiful! I loved the you tube video!

  6. Sooo glad you got to do both activities. I am jealous! LOVE Charlene’s books. LOVE string music. Snow, not so much. 🙂

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