…whatever is lovely…. think about such things

Actually the full quote (Phil 4:8) is:

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Therefore we are NOT going to think about cancer or chemotherapy or radiation or surgery today.

Instead we are going to think about the fact that there are just under four months until Suzuki Institute.  On June 18 we will go to Emory, Virginia for my very favorite week of the whole year.  It REALLY is lovely there:


The kids can ride their bikes to their classes all over campus, and make beautiful music with each other and with their friends.


These were the pre-twinkles last year.  We’ve been going as a family since Brian was a pre-twinkle, and he was just as darling as these little ones.


It truly is awesome family time.  Every year Mike and Mary and/or my parents have joined us, since it’s necessary to have an equal number of adults and students.  Because the campus is so quiet and isolated, the whole family can focus on doing nothing but playing together all week…. playing as in music, and playing as in playing:


The kids have the run of the campus athletic center (with a pool 🙂 ) and the student lounges, too…  It is truly all good.

Another thing that’s good is that George is home!


And here is something EXCELLENT!  George can (briefly) sit up all by himself now!  Look!


And here is something right:  The beginning of a pair of socks


for Michelle Quigley( http://family-centered.com/life/ )


Who along with Elizabeth Foss ( http://ebeth.typepad.com/reallearning/2009/02/keep-on-praying.html ) have thoroughly marshaled the blogosphere I think of as Our Catholic Homeschooling Mothers Of Many to help us on our journey.

Thursday I get my tattoos for radiation.  Maybe I can get them to tattoo that verse instead of all those little target signs.  Oops, forgot.  No thinking about cancer today.  Sorry!

Love, Elizabeth

14 thoughts on “…whatever is lovely…. think about such things

  1. The Emory College campus sounds like a beautiful place and add the music camp to it and I can understand why it is so special.

    Wow, George must have really enjoyed his ‘vacation’ and just had to show off now that he is home!

    I really liked the photo of the campus since we are getting more snow as I type here in Kalamazoo. I heard on the radio that the snow we got yesterday was not lake effect snow, but what we are getting today is – hmm….I can’t tell the difference!

    Peace to all of you.

  2. For your tattoos, dear friend, I refuse to hear my mother’s voice in my head shouting “GRAFFITI ON THE TEMPLE OF GOD!” 🙂
    Thank you for sharing the Suzuki experience with us. My very enthusiastic applause for your Dragon Slayer who can sit!!!!

  3. Dear Elizabeth,

    So many happy thoughts! George is home and sitting up, wonderful opportunites to share music and play time as a family are on their way, brightly colored socks are in the works, and you are taking the day off from thinking about anything else. Good for you. Love, Nancy

  4. Thank you for that reminder, Elizabeth. I can only imagine the wonder of Suzuki Camp. I get to hear about it from your mom. Applause to George for his newest accomplishment.
    Wishing you a peaceful and relaxing Sunday.
    (Graffiti on the temple of God…..that’s hilarious!)

  5. Dear Elizabeth ~

    It’s wonderful that you are taking today to surround yourself with the love and laughter of your family. You have much to celebrate – George’s fantastic milestone, the soothing rhythm of knitting socks, and the joy of family time at the Suzuki Institute in June.

    Love and prayers from Kalamazoo.


  6. Photos of cheap ribbon all over the Blogosphere! How TOTALLY mortifying THAT would be! So glad you sprung for the extra nice ribbon.
    Truth be told, wonderful George could make ANY ribbon look good. 🙂

  7. For as long as I’ve been lucky enough to have you in my life you have been the “definition” of inspiration! You already know how I feel about your “famous” photos…
    Hugs, prayers and special thoughts are heading your way!
    I have more ribbon if George runs out (like that could happen in your creative home!)
    Happy thoughts!

  8. Hi Elizabeth – the kids are beautiful and this looks like a beautiful place. I am thinking about you and really appreciate being able to see the family and hear about things from the blog. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Kathryn

  9. Wow! Suzuki camp! You are bringing back some memories for me. 🙂 It has been a while since I picked up a violin. Do you have any suggestions about finding good deals on instruments?

    Just wanted to let you know that my prayers are with you and your family! God bless you!

  10. So, how are those socks coming along? Normally I’m not a fan of autumnal colors, but those sure are pretty. I bet Michele is itchin’ to get them on her tootsies!! Esther

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