Day 111 ( I think … )

I think chemotherapy gives you some sort of amnesia between cycles… there’s some sort of protective reflex that lets you forget just how icky you feel, so that you can go ahead and go back for the next cycle.   When I was particularly whiny yesterday, complaining that I just didn’t think it was right that I felt worse on day 5 than day 4, Dixon pointed out that I’ve said the same thing for months now 🙂  But day 6 (which is today) has traditionally been easier (or so my family says…. guess I could look back through the blog archives and make some sort of graph with dates on the X axis and whininess on the Y axis… NOT.)

Speaking of easier, as much as we all miss George, it was nice when I was having bone pain from the Neulasta  yesterday to be able to take two pain pills AND an ativan and just go to sleep until it passed.  If I had to be responsible for a little guy, I wouldn’t have had that option.  But we sure miss George.  We got full reports from everybody in the Stanek household… I made sure to ask their youngest, Rom, first, to get a totally honest assessment of how he was doing.  Rom said George is happy, never cries, but eats REALLY gross food (squashed peas and rice…)

This was yesterday’s favorite comment, from Callie (9 year old)

George is doing great, he’s an angle! George this morning he ate otatmeal and ate alot! Dad said that is very good.

He wore his glasses for a good point of time. Rom loved playing with George’s toys and George loved all the attention and sleep.


The plan for today is to rest.  Sam is home safely from skiing, so I perhaps should take few enough pain pills that I can intelligently discuss events after the death of Charlemagne and irregular verbs in the harder tenses and the differences between quasars and pulsars….  tonight Brian has another basketball game since they won last night, but it doesn’t even start until 8 PM so Dixon will be able to take him.

Tomorrow, Abigail (the person in charge of the whole cooler fairy miracle) is taking me to the oncologist’s office to get my blood tested to make sure I have enough cells for my procedure later that afternoon, and then while I’m there I’ll get an infusion of IV iron (through my Powerport 🙂 ) to finish tanking me up.  Dixon’s taking me for the surgery itself, and Sara’s going to be in charge of the boys.  Don’t tell Brian, but I wouldn’t be too sad if their team lost tonight so that they didn’t have a game Wednesday evening…

Thursday is recovery day, then Friday I meet with the radiation oncologist.  Whew. 

So that’s all of the plan, I think.  And now my medicines seem to be working so I’m heading back to bed. 

Love, Elizabeth

10 thoughts on “Day 111 ( I think … )

  1. Wow, you have always amazed me with all your inspirational advice mixed with humor…no matter what… but I could never convince you just how special you really are!

    Lynette let us know and we are ALL ready to anything to help you get healthy….just let me know when you’re ready for my “special” brownies, okay? (I’ll make Lynette her own batch, so she won’t be tempted by yours!)

    Take special care and know you are loved and prayed for at all times!


  2. Friends tell me when I apologize for whining during my migraines that it is NOT whining when you have a reason to whine.

    And my dear Friend, my reasons just pale compared to yours.

    Much love, Desiree

  3. HUGS!
    I expect another Emily/Sam post tomorrow.
    Tell them to have pity on us old fogies who didn’t grow up with AIM.
    Wish I were there.

  4. Hi! Thanks for the updates! You have been constantly in our thoughts and prayers since we learned of your illness!!!

    Ohh yummy Harriett’s brownies 🙂 We must be very special 🙂

    I hope your surgery goes well tomorrow and that you can get some rest!

    Your sense of humor and optimism floors me when I read your blog!
    Much love and many hugs!

  5. Everything is going great with George. He helped Callie pass out girl-scout cookies and went with dad over to Ryenolds (Caroline’s school). Rom gave him a speech about not smoking and he listened for a little while then rolled away 🙂 😉 . He also was read a math picture book so when he gets home ask him how to find the area of a rhombus 🙂 . He doesn’t like the bottles much but real likes his ‘gross’ food. I have an idea for something else so I will post again soon.


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