Day five, comment from yesterday

Friends – today is day five of cycle 6, so I’ve now had 110 days of chemotherapy.  Ugh.  Sam is still skiing, and George is at Betsy’s.

I have to share this with you, from the comments and an email, since it made me smile yesterday. 

Betsy’s oldest, Caroline, emailed Emily when they got to Winston:

Dear Emily,

We have safely arrived home with your darling brother.  He slept the whole way down.  He also enjoyed singing along with the radio.  When we got home, he was mad, and sure enough, he was just hungry.  I enjoyed feeding him his bottle, but he burped and spat up in my ear.  Rom (Betsy’s youngest) says that George “has the world’s best aim.  I will keep you updated,

Caroline, and her baby formula ear.

Then later Betsy sent some reassurance via the comments:

Just to let you know that George is fine. Rom says that “George can sleep through anything”

He has had a bath.

Rom and Callie have read to him.

Caroline gave him a bottle and Laurie changed him. Mark has held him and crooned to him. Now he is fast asleep.

Gosh, it’s quiet around here this morning….

Schedule for the week:  Most regular daytime things have been canceled.  Tonight Brian has a basketball game (second round of the playoffs… his coach is giving him a ride)  Tomorrow, if they win, another game (and repeat on Wednesday for the finals…)

Wednesday I have to go in to the oncologist’s office in the morning to get IV iron and to get my blood checked to make sure it’s good enough for my little surgery at 3 that afternoon.  Then Friday I have my first appointment with the radiation oncology doctor to get started along that journey. 

I’m sure there are a few soccer games, etc, in there somewhere…. Brian got selected for some sort of development team, in addition to his regular one, but I’m not going to worry about those at the moment.  People have been great about offering rides.

Danny’s awake and ready to get unhooked from his tube feeding pump, so no more rambling.  Love, Elizabeth

8 thoughts on “Day five, comment from yesterday

  1. Elizabeth.. I think of you everyday. So glad that the chemo is finished. I would think radiation can’t be nearly as bad! I was sorry to learn about your surgery on Wednesday. At least as an outpatient prodecure, you can go home that night. George is just a beautiful little boy. He has grown so much since I saw him last summer. Grandma is doing very well. We had a little party for her 99th birthday. (She was convinced that she was 100 and we had a terrible time letting her know that that birthday was next year! We plan a party in the summer and look forward to all of you celebrating with us. I have been so involved in the 150th birthday for our county that I have had no time to email…I will be sure and keep up with your blog!…Love, Mary Eleln

  2. Love the “George has perfect aim” story.
    A friend of mine who just went through BC radiation sends you advice
    that “Aquaphor is your best friend.” Since you’re already a fan of
    Aquaphor, I bet you have a stash.
    HANG IN THERE! (Today Thomas turns 8. One half-hour ago.)

  3. Wow, George has the potential to become part of Betsy’s family’s tales and lore. It sounds like he had a good beginning with that. He is enriching their lives and he doesn’t even know it! He is mighty for one so small.

    Peace to you on Wednesday.

  4. Golly, I didn’t know my email would be on a blog!
    George has a fan club now and its a fight-to-the-death for the vice presidentail spot, (since George is, and has good reason to be the president). He hardly spends a milisecond wihtout somone oh-ing and ah-ing over his amazing-ness. During this time Rom escapes and plays with George’s toys.
    Hope you are doing well!

    God bless,


  5. George wore his glasses for almost 5minutes we are so happy to have him here. Rom thinks he needs to spend the most time with George because he is a boy too. Say hi to Emily, Sam, Brian, and Danny for me.

    P.S. George loves to play with Caroline and my hair, he is so funny! 🙂

    get better soon

  6. George is doing great, he’s an angle! George this morning he ate otatmeal and ate alot! Dad said that is very good.

    He wore his glasses for a good point of time. Rom loved playing with George’s toys and George loved all the attention and sleep.


  7. Elizabeth, we wish you well with the surgery and hope that it is successful. Radiation is very tiring (or so my dad said) but at least it doesn’t make you throw up. Small mercies …..?
    Lili sends love, as do I, and as the nuns at my school used to say (100 years ago), “we have you tucked in our sleeves”.

  8. dear elizabeth, you remain in our hearts and in our prayers. i don’t have much to say, except that i love you and i pray that this new path will bring god’s healing to you.

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