another reason day four is hard this time…

It feels like all I’ve done all day is send my children out into the world without me!

It started when Emily appeared all dressed and ready to go to Mass at 7:30 – intending to go to 8:00 AM Mass all by herself so that she would be able to go to Odyssey of the Mind right after Faith Formation…  next Brian (9 years old) went up to Faith Formation all by HIMSELF to get the books out and my classroom ready for Mrs. Asinger to teach our class.  Then Sam took Danny up too…. no adults involved yet at all. 

Now Sam has left for a boy scout ski trip… one advantage to homeschooling is that weekdays are less crowded and less expensive for things like skiing… but no matter how many scout adventures I’ve sent him on, I sure miss him when he’s not around!

Emily’s at the house of one of her OM teammates building sets.  Things are quiet here without her singing.  George and Danny miss her too. 

But it’s George who’s going to be the hardest to send off into the world… Betsy and three of her girls are on the way here to get him for the week.  I KNOW it’s the right thing to do, since I’m way too weak and ill to care for him properly, especially without Sam’s help, and besides, I have my outpatient surgery on Wednesday.  But still….

Day four of chemotherapy is just hard, no matter what.  Good thing it’s my last one.

Love, Elizabeth

6 thoughts on “another reason day four is hard this time…

  1. Hiya Elizabeth

    Stay strong and save some energy for the yarn that we are sending to you in the morning I thought some nice bright colours would brighten your day

  2. Just to let you know that George is fine. Rom says that “George can sleep through anything”

    He has had a bath.

    Rom and Callie have read to him.

    Caroline gave him a bottle and Laurie changed him. Mark has held him and crooned to him. Now he is fast asleep.

  3. I know it means we have done a good job with our children when they can be independent for some things, but that doesn’t mean it is easy on those of us who have them in our hearts.

    Even though you KNOW George is being loved and cared for, and have proof in the comment above, that does not mean it is easy for his mother to let him go. He is so very fortunate to have a mother like you to miss him while he is on his vacation. All children should be so loved!

    You have exceptional children of whom you can be proud. They have shown great strength, responsibility and caring to you, each other and others too. You and Dixon are raising them well, but you would not be the parent you are if you did not feel sad as well at times.

    More hugs to you.

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