Getting ready for chemo # 6

Tomorrow begins my sixth cycle.  Since I’m well stocked up with vanilla pudding, and there are NO dirty clothes left to wash in the laundry room, I’ve had a chance today to get a few other things done. 


Everybody has their Valentines all set, except for Danny who feels compelled to put his in alphabetical order.  I told him I’d help him with that this afternoon.


I’ve got my ipod loaded with things to distract me and make me laugh tomorrow in the infusion center.   The big kids introduced me to a video podcast called “The best of youtube” and although a few of them are NOT rated G, they’re worth it.   Getting big noise-canceling headphones has been an excellent investment; listening to all the negative conversations during chemo is bad for my mental health.


We’re all set for school this week.  Sam has even finished his science lab work already so I can rest knowing that he doesn’t have to make any emergency trips to the hardware store.  Speaking of resting, here’s George, sound asleep on Sam’s shoulder while Sam watches his Teaching Company astronomy DVDs.   Here’s a link to the course… it’s the best one we’ve done in years.


And speaking of George, I’ve got everything set for him to spend the day with his godmother, Danielle, tomorrow. 

So I think I’m ready for chemotherapy number six. 

Love, Elizabeth

PS – my mom just called, my dad’s out of surgery and they were able to fix his shoulder arthroscopically.  They carved off some bone spurs and repaired a torn tendon.  He should be able to go home late this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Getting ready for chemo # 6

  1. and how’s katelyn? (spelling is questionable and i’m nearly out of battery so I can’t go look it up). LERVE those BOSE (!!!) headphones.

  2. I stopped at your parents house last night, Elizabeth, and your Dad was doing well at that time. Your Mom showed me some photos from the surgery that didn’t mean anything to me, but she indicated that when the doctor showed them to her she had to put her head down between her knees.

    She is a very nervous about her home health care abilities, but your father and I have confidence that she can hande everything! Your Dad had everything arranged around him which he had done the day before.

    At this point, I would actually worry more about your mother – tee hee! She is more stressed than your Dad – but of course he was on heavy duty pain medication when I was there…..which might have had some influence.


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