Sock Poem…

This “Ode to my Socks” isn’t quite as famous as the one by Pablo Neruda, but I think I like it better.

Ode to my Socks

Oh wond’rous sleeves which hug my feet,
Oh joyous things which floor doth meet,
Those tubes which cushion both my heels,
And every day my toes doth feel.

For what is better, on the morn,
Than socks, tho’ they be slightly worn,
A-slipping onto feet so chill,
And guarding them from earthly ills?

Nought, say I – they are the balm
Which coats my day with pleasant calm –
Their stretchy fibres I adore,
As with each step they grace the floor.

Some ninnies would wear socks with sandals
This sacrilege I view as scandal!
It is a sin I would avoid,
Socks sullied so make me annoyed.

Some people view their socks so low
They make them puppets, in a show!
With googly eyes and clothing funny,
It makes me sick – upsets my tummy.

My sympathies are short and sweet;
Socks are the best things for my feet.
They cushion them from early woes,
And always on my feet they goes.

Socks are the best part of my day,
They smooth my path; they light my way.
So, find it in your heart to say
You’ll wear your stockings every day.

by Ian Keith Roberts

Love, Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “Sock Poem…

  1. Dear Mr. Roberts,

    I agree with most of your sock sentiments.

    But I must beg of you — what better fate can befall a
    perpetually unmatched sock than to be given new life as a
    puppet? If it has been a year in the drawer of mateless wonderous foot
    sleeves, isn’t it acceptable to say “Time to be a puppet”?

    By the way, a word to the wise in passing: Do not let any one who
    cannot differentiate lovingly hand knit cashmere socks from
    store-bought machine made acrylic socks “help” with the laundry.

  2. I have always loved this poem and I really want to knit the Neruda socks that have some of this poem in them- in the SOCKS SOCK SOCKS book…
    You are in my prayers, hon BE WELL!

    Houston, Texas

    I know the freaky flood thing…in 2001 I lost everything in Allison while pregnant, lived through more than one flood and hurricane…Ike stunk…nothing like your perfect storm right now hon…be well!!!!!!!!!!

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