About my angels

Collect comes from Latin.  It’s from “collectus” which is the past participle of the verb colligere.  

(Sam!  There will be a quiz on -ere verbs next week!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂 )

It’s an active verb, don’t you think?  People ask me if I collect angels.  I’m not sure I do, since to collect angels would imply some sort of participation on my part.  The only thing I do is open the mail… from so many people and places, it still amazes me.  The angel that traveled the most distance came from Australia.  The smallest one is tinier than George’s thumbnail. 

I recently got two envelopes with very special angels inside.  These angels helped me figure out exactly what I needed to do with my treasures.  All the beautiful angels have carefully written Bible verses, mostly from Psalms.  They are all full of hope and the promises that God has given us to take care of us in challenging times. 


I decided as I was looking at these that they needed to be in a book, so that I could read them whenever I needed some happiness, peace, comfort, reassurance… the one on the left above starts,  “Happy those concerned for the lowly and the poor; when misfortune strikes, the Lord delivers them….”  and the one on the right, “For he shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.”

The puzzle was how to put my hand-stitched angels in my new book, too.   Just this week, I found the answer:  baseball card holder pages!


Most of these angels came from anonymous Guardian Angel Stitchers.  I’ve placed the little notes that came with some of them into their pockets.   So now I have my own angel book.  It’s so full of love, hope, happiness… I’m going to have to put it into my bag with my quilt when I go to chemo next week.  It will be great to show to all the nurses and to read while I get my treatment. 

Speaking of pockets, for a couple of months I was tucking an angel or two into my pocket, to remind me of their blessings throughout the day.  I have a few in with my rosary, and a few more in my favorite knitting bag.  But I worried that the ones that I carried with me would get crunched or torn… then all of a sudden a totally new kind of angel arrived.  Check this out:


It’s a little angel just for carrying in your pocket!   Perfect, I think. 

If any angel makers happen to be blog readers, thank you from the bottom of my heart.   I’ll treasure my beautiful book forever.

Love, Elizabeth

6 thoughts on “About my angels

  1. Darling you have inspired me!

    A friend recently had a stroke while she is having difficult time writing and typing she has no problem reading!

    Angles with a verse, a joke or just I Love You!

    You touch more lives than you know!

    Deb and the boys

  2. ps – get your webmaster to take a picture of the tiniest angel that’s smaller than George’s fingernail! I gotta see it!

  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    This comment is actually misplaced – it should be attached to George’s pix, but I guess it also relates to Angels. I think I’ve been back to George’s mirror photos a half-dozen times. They are truly a joy to anyone, but especially to a devoted Father and a proud Grandfather.
    Keep On Spinning. See you next week.

  4. Just recently learned of your difficult news. You will be held in prayer daily for healing from this dreadful disease.

    I have so enjoyed catching up on your children’s ages and stages and loved George’s mirror pictures. He sure is a beautiful child.

    Remain strong and hopeful.

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