I guess I’m just tired…

or lazy, or something.  I’ve got so many things I want to post about, and do, and read, but this is one of those days when just doing what absolutely has to get done is just all about I can get done. 

So getting everybody ready for Monday, taking George to therapy, going to the chemo/infusion center to get IV iron (which requires lots of benadryl – maybe that’s why I’m so tired, maybe 🙂 ) cleaning up from a busy weekend, just doing the basics of housework, baby care, schooling… there’s not a whole lot of energy left for the rest of life. 

Or maybe sleeping in the afternoon three days in a row (Friday, Saturday AND Sunday) has just made napping into a habit? 

If I find some secret reserves of energy somewhere, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Love,  Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “I guess I’m just tired…

  1. Hi Elizabeth! My name is Lesa Kroetsch and my daughter AbbyLynne is in your dad’s childrens choir group at church. I just wanted to tell you that I am praying for you and your family every day. You are very much in my thoughts. You have a beautiful family! Take care.


  2. You certainly do not need to make excuses for not posting – we who are following and supporting you completely understand and find it amazing you have the engery to post at all. You take care of yourself and we will hear from you when you can or when your kids post for you – tee hee!

    Restful and healing thoughts are being sent to you right now.

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