Distracted by the baby in the mirror.

And I have so much to tell you, about the angels, and going to Superior Court about Danny’s CAP-C, and Sanjay Gupta… but today I decided that sharing pictures are way better than explaining all that.  Have I ever told you that George brings us SUCH  joy? 






One more photo… some emergency knitting… I know I haven’t even finished my Hallowig (although Rowena sent me one, so I was sort of able to abandon mine, and now I therefore have blue hair 🙂 ) , and I have THREE St. Gerard’s club baby sweaters in process.  The pink sparkle socks for the contest are steadily growing, though, I promise. 

My friend Susan F is going on a mission trip to India.  You know, the place with the terrorist attacks not that long ago?  And she’s taking other marvelous Charlotte doctors, as well as her son, Sam’s friend JP, with her.   

Some people who are more accomplished than I am make prayer shawls.  I just can’t concentrate that long, so I make prayer socks.  Here are a pair for Susan to take to India, to remind her that I held her in prayer the whole time I was knitting, and will keep right on praying the whole time she and JP are gone.


11 thoughts on “Distracted by the baby in the mirror.

  1. I love thie pictures of George, but they show a bit too much cleavage I think… couldn’t you put a towel over him or something? (just kidding)

    If you follow the link in my name you can see mine more easily… Papa says he’ll work on a good one for me though.

    I love you and those pictures of George are really cute. (he’s prettier in real life I bet)

    (I KNOW)

  2. Dear Elizabeth,

    I had a wonderful time today with your mom and Carla. There was much laughter. I hope the conversation cards bring you and your friends that kind of laughter. While it was totally unnecessary for you to write the thank you note, I’m SO glad that you did. It is beautiful! It has gone right into my treasure box.

    The pictures of your angel are fantastic. He is just as God meant him to be, made in His own image.

    Love, Nancy

  3. Dear Elizabeth,

    As you know, growing up in a small town, my mom ran into your mom at Talbots, of course. My mom sent me your blog page. What strikes me most is that I can still hear your voice in my head when I read your words. I am so proud of you. Your children are beautiful, your words bring joy when I read them and you inspire me.

    I can’t believe that it has been 26 years since our shadows fell at Hackett, we would indulge in foot long chili dogs and drink root beer at the A&W after school. What wonderful memories I have. I can’t wait to get to know Elizabeth the mom, the woman, the retired physician, activist and the knitter.

    Keep on blogging. Hope to talk to you soon!

    Hugs from Pewaukee, WI,
    Denise Kilway Peterson

  4. Elizabeth,

    I love the pictures of your beautiful baby boy. Isn’t it fun watching him grow, develop and discover? This is a miracle.

    I think the idea of prayer socks is just as good as prayer shawls, maybe better. If my feet are cold I’m cold all over but if they are warm….

    Peaceful and healing thought to you.


  5. that beautiful baby would distract anybody! i hope i get to see and hold him before he starts school. 😀 and i think prayer ANYTHING has value but esp. socks, because our feet are what help us carry the message out to the world.

  6. Elizabeth,

    The next time George is in Michigan, I hope to get my hands on him for a little while. He is too precious for words. I can see why he brings so much joy to your family.

  7. Elizabeth,

    The pictures you took af George are just beautiful. You really captured the moment. I’ve shared your blog with my girls and they have talked about you and your family at school. Know that there are more kid prayers coming your way.


  8. Hi Elizabeth,

    My name is Lesa and my daughter AbbyLynne has your dad for a choir director at church. I just wanted to write to you to let you know that you are in my daily prayers. You have a beautiful family! The pictures of George are so precious! He is beautiful! You are such an inspiration and such an amazing lady!

    many prayers,

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