Update on the contest

The G-rated joke contest, that is 🙂 )  Best G rated joke wins a pair of handmade bright pink cashmere sparkle socks.


I’m making progress on my end here.  Above is mill end cashmere, made for industrial high speed machine knitting.  This is the high end clearance stuff…. it’s still on the cone, which makes it much easier to deal with.  Usually I get mill ends that are the true leftover trash from the factory, which have been pulled off the cones and have to be unwound by hand before doing anything else.  Either on the cone or off, it’s heavily oiled and looks and feels kind of like really, really skinny string.  Since I’m not an industrial high speed machine knitter, the raw materials need some preparation:


Some people knit right from the cone, but knitting softness makes me happy… so I skein it and scour it first.  (Or actually have Emily scour it, since it’s hard to scrub fiber and not get my lymphedema sleeve wet…..)


But then look what happens when it dries!


If there’s a word more superlative than softest, I’d use it for this cashmere.  Tomorrow, while my family continues to waste tons of time on high speed internet, I’ll start knitting.


Here’s Emily, Danny and my parents making a webcam video for my mother’s facebook page.  If you’re one of my dad’s friends on facebook, I think you can even see a picture of him wearing my wig. 

I’m not on Facebook, other than to spy on my children once in a while, but I am continuing my progress into the 21st century.  I bought an ipod today.  I think being able to listen to podcasts and audiobooks might help me sit still better.  I’m going to see if Emily will load my Sung Rosary CDs before bedtime tonight…. itunes is hard when your head hurts and your vision is blurry.  We’ll see how it goes.  Meanwhile, day 5 of chemotherapy is still tough.  I hope tomorrow is easier.

Love, Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “Update on the contest

  1. Which wig is your dad sporting? The blue one or the blonde one? 🙂

    Almost makes me want to join facebook just to see. Almost.
    But not quite.

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