How to enter the G-rated joke contest

Oops!  If you missed Emily’s original post, you can enter by emailing her at

emilydehority at aol dot com

There are some great ones so far, but I’m not sharing until the two weeks are up.

Love, Elizabeth

One thought on “How to enter the G-rated joke contest

  1. Elizabeth –

    I’m not submitting a joke, just using the most recent post to write to you.

    Ann and I have been following your blog ever since your dad told us about it. You have led us to one profound experience after another. I have tried on several occassions to submit a comment, but my words haven’t been able to capture my feelings. I finally decided to just go with what comes into my head.

    I am working on a G-Rated joke and hope to post one soon.

    The news about George’s weight was distressing. I’m sure you are already doing whatever is humanly possible.

    We have had a busy holiday period. The family met in Chicago at Christmas, and Ann and I returned to Chicago for New Years. Our grandson Alex is doing well, and Steve and Maureen have adjusted to parenting, although sometimes they ignore their instincts in preference for dubious “expert” advice. Alex doesn’t seem the worse for it.

    Our prayers are with you and your family for the New Year. Please give everyone a hug for us.


    Joe and Ann

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