Just a few photos from Christmas


I really should be on the sofa with my arm up, but I got distracted in here on the computer so long that the person in charge of the kitchen floor went ahead and put Future on it, so now I’m stuck…

Santa was good to my children this year.  I had resisted the technology of the 21st century for so long, and once I gave in and got cable last month, it became a slippery slope thing.  Look what Brian got:


The kids have had fun making miis.  A mii is your character for Wii games.  You can design them to look like yourself.  Danny was in charge of making mine, and he came into my room to ask me, “Mom, does your mii have to have breast cancer?”  I didn’t know that the people who designed this mii-making program had created a post-mastectomy avatar… I decided this was worth getting out of bed to check out.  Turns out he was trying to decide whether or not to make me bald.  By then some of his siblings had gotten involved, and they decided to give my mii a hat. 

George approached Christmas as a very typical 12 month old. 


The ribbons were far more interesting than anything inside the packages.  He doesn’t say many understandable words, but as of yesterday, we have to count “NO!” as one of them… reserved for when somebody tries to take his ribbons away.


After I gave up trying to take a picture of all five of them together, we went over to Sara’s for brunch.  Sara spoils us.  After we ate (and ate and ate and ate…) we opened up some musical Christmas crackers. 


Inside each cracker was a hat and a whistle.  The whistle inside each of the eight crackers played a different note (so somebody had to play two, which just added to the joyful noisy chaos 🙂 )


They all took turns conducting… the box included numbered stickers for each person to correspond with the number of their whistle, a baton for the conductor, and a sheet of Christmas carols.  When the conductor pointed to each numbered person, that person blew their whistle (or tried to… sometimes they were laughing too hard…)  The first person who guessed the name of the tune we were trying to play got to conduct next.

The rest of the day was quiet – the kids played with their toys and I rested and worried.  Chemotherapy is in three more days and I haven’t recovered from the last one yet.  Without any reserves at all, how am I supposed to get through the next three weeks?

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