The cookie party


I was supposed to have posted the photos from the cookie party maybe by Tuesday or so (according to Mr. Webmaster 🙂 ), and then today could be today’s pictures.  Oh well.  Today’s pictures will still be on my hard drive tomorrow. 


You know about the cookie party that Tracy W. sent over… one totally cool thing she included was cans of spray frosting.  You know that spray cheese stuff?  Well, some really smart mom (it HAD to be a mom) thought to put frosting in those kind of cans.  It comes in all these colors, with different tips to put on top.  I was very grateful that it didn’t occur to my children to spray it on anything but cookies, though.  Also, we didn’t put any frosting on George’s cookie… I think he had enough on his birthday, don’t you??


I also think it’s kind of neat how each child’s personality just shines right through in their food art.  Sam here might as well be using a compass and a protactor for his precisely angled fine lines.  And then there’s Brian:


Emily’s, of course, have personality and a story to go along with each one.  Her Santas are jolly and generous, and her bells should be able to make music.


Danny and I were a cookie team.  We took his oxygen tubing off ahead of time so that it wouldn’t get stained… when he’s all blue around his mouth it makes some people nervous, so even though we know it’s from the icing, it’s better to be proactive.  I think his occupational therapist needs to add cookie decorating to her repertoire… just think about the coordination and hand strength it takes to hold a cookie down and spread icing on it with a knife… untwist the caps on the sprinkles… pick just the right color candy out of the bowl and put it in just the right spot… and there’s built in motivation, tangible results, and you get to eat your work. 


Tomorrow I’ll post Christmas pictures.  We’re really having a wonderful day.  Last night was the Christmas pageant (I so totally wish I’d brought my camera… one 5 year old angel of mine fell asleep right before it started, all dressed up in his special  costume…. ) and Mass, today is presents, brunch at Sara’s, dinner here this afternoon.   Saturday the Ghosh family arrives, Sunday my parents get here, Monday is Sam’s birthday.  Then Tuesday is the start of chemotherapy number 4.  I am REALLY not looking forward to Tuesday.

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