Photos from George’s Birthday

We decided that George didn’t need writing on his cake – he’s a pretty smart little guy, but he’s still not reading 🙂  And we decided that in case he totally demolished his cake, it might be safe to have an extra one for the rest of us…


But I hadn’t thought about his arms being way too short to reach more than the edges… so we still have 75 % of the other cake left….


It only took him a few moments to figure out what he was supposed to do.  Frosting must taste so much better than Nutramigen!


I think he liked his birthday, other than his checkup.  I didn’t like his checkup either.  You know, we’d worked really hard to get him to grow for so long, and at his last checkup, right before my first surgery, he’d gotten up to the 15th percentile for weight and height.  Since being weaned, he’s dropped back to the third percentile.  This makes me so sad!  I guess we have to keep trying harder.


Or maybe we just need to feed him lots of cake every day.

Speaking of parties, here’s a sneak preview of photos I’ll post tomorrow:


You’ll never guess what this is, so I’ll tell you.  It’s an entire Christmas cookie decorating party for lots of children.  Tracy W. dropped it off.  She did all the work, and all the mess, (and therefore all the cleanup)  so all there is for me to do is the fun part with the kids.  There’s cookies, already cut out and baked, at least five kinds of frosting, sprinkles, cocoa and marshmallows, along with grownup treats and even fancy little cellophane bags to put some of our creations in to share.   Photos to follow, I promise 🙂

Love, Elizabeth

3 thoughts on “Photos from George’s Birthday

  1. Elizabeth,
    The “Women of the Heart” group (40 or 50 strong!) at St. Mary’s in Ann Arbor is praying for you.
    peace be with you,
    Jennifer (Reinstein) Campbell

  2. Dear Elizabeth,

    I know that you have been receiving angels; however, I think you already have the greatest angel in George. Blessings, Nancy

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