Chemo Day- Another Emily post

samandemilyangelstheyare <- really bad picture of us with a really ghetto paint job




because y’all are [mama censor here] and DON’T SEEM TO GET IT (kidding, kidding) Oh, and to all of Nana’s friends, high five.  Shout out!  Lets get Sarah Palin up in here! 

Hey everybody, it’s Emily (and Sam).  We wanted to post today.  If you missed our last two posts, check them out.  Especially the first one. 

Mom is doing better today than she had ever been in the first week of any past cycle.  Normally, she needs to be horizontal for eighty percent of her first few days, and sitting up the rest.  But today she walked around a lot, (and not only to break up fights between Brian and Sam!) and seemed much happier.  I left for school before she went to chemo, and got back at six-thirty because I had a project to do, and had a sneaking suspicion when I got home that she had played hookey.  I asked her about it after taking Danny and Brian to their school presentations (the school is only a few blocks away… uphill.) Yes, she had gone to chemo, but she had a lot more energy today.  She had decided that with so many people praying for her, (she got 2,000 hits today) that God had to listen.  I think He’s making her stronger.  Oh, and I wasn’t really going to drive her car into the creek.  I don’t have my license yet

She’s gotten so many wonderful and loving comments, mostly from complete strangers.

Here is Sam.  I guess I can’t post without him.  (lol somebody on Mom’s buddy list has a sheep sound… it just went “baaaaaaa”)

Um hi…. mom had her next round of chemo today, and emily plobably said all of this already, so back to emily,

Um.. no.  You git back here son. 

No mom, we don’t want you to whatch us post on your blog,

He was talking to her, (and has horrible spelling that I’ll keep just so you can laugh at it) she wanted to read over our shoulders.  But it’s genetic in our family to HATE it when people do that.  Or just want to slap them.  Either way. 

But she never has gotten that angry, I just do it to annoy her

Me or mom? 

You, smart one

Oh yeah.  I was talking to Jamie about boys… I wanted you to bug off. 

I dont actually read anything, I just stand there to [mama censor here]

Bad language!  And I bet you’re lying… you want me to not care so you can read all my innermost thoughts and feelings… *peers suspiciously at brother*

you caught me! Gosh! why do you have to be so nosy!

Me???? (btw, we really are just alternating who types… and laughing our heads off.  This is how most of our daily conversations go)

Hey, you cheated!  You have to type something. 


niiiiiice.  OK, bye evrybody.  *pushes Sam out of computer chair*

Hi, this is Brian.  I am my mom’s son.  Um… what are you guys saying?  Um… I like the color blue!  *laughter* I am NOT strange.  “I am in my underwear and grossing Emily and Sam out.  [mama censor here]  A lot.” Emily is taking a lot of time on the computer and I want to get on.  *makes [mama censor here] noises as Sam attacks him for no reason whatsoever.*  Boys. 

“He’s a reeeeeal Nowhere Man,

Sitting in his Nowhere laa…”

Just stop already!!! please?

*sigh* We’re so weird.  We get it from our parents. 

6 thoughts on “Chemo Day- Another Emily post

  1. I don’t know about that “weird” comment, guys. You know what they say about insanity? You catch it from your children!

    Love from Norfolk!

    Auntie M

    “i is my imaginary friend”

  2. E, S & B,
    If you make your mother smile half as much as I did reading your post, you have accomplished a very good thing.

    Please tell your Grandpa that I said “hi” and let him know he is missing some yucky weather. It was 52 and raining yesterday and today it is 20 and very windy with snow falling as I type. It is icy too!

    I am going out to dinner with your Nana tonight and will try my best to cheer her up!

    Teri C.

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