We call it “using the D word”

and it’s not helping today…

99% of the time, doctors get major preferential treatment.  When you call a doctor’s office, or the hospital, or the lab, and identify yourself as Doctor so-and-so, you usually get to talk to a real person who can make a real decision right away.  If they have to put you on hold, they apologize at least three times. 

Today I’m still waiting.  The D word isn’t helping.  The surgeon has decided that the oncologist has to help figure out what sort of serious mystery bacterial infection I have hiding somewhere, and so now I’m waiting for HIM to call me. 

Lesson learned:  If I am this worried and frustrated, I can only imagine what it must be like for people who can’t “use the D word”….

Oh, another lesson learned:  Friends are amazingly valuable when one child needs to be at the other side of town while I’m feeling bad and waiting for the phone (again).  Taking a nap with George was much better for my physical and mental health than driving Sam to Covenant Day… Thanks, Sara!

I PROMISE I’ll post as soon as I have any clue about the plan.  No, make that, “I’ll post right after I call my mom” … I think she’s worrying, too.

Love, Elizabeth

5 thoughts on “We call it “using the D word”

  1. Dear Elizabeth,

    I had dinner with your mom and some our traveling partners last night, and then we went to hear you dad and the rest of the Kalamazoo Singers.

    I was honored when your mom gave me your website, and I have read your journey with interest. What I didn’t expect was that you would have such a profound impact on my life. You have become my teacher.

    I have read with delight Emily and Sam’s blogs; smiled at Danny clipping your hair and Thanksgiving feast list; and was excited when George learned to play patti cake. I laughed and cried as I read the list of things you had to do before you could sew on the merit badge. I remember my mom mumbling every time mybrother, the Eagle scout, earned yet another badge.

    You have modeled faith, patience, humor, and spirit. You and Dixon, while expecting more from your children, have still allowed them to be kids. I think I want to be like you when I grow up.

    I pray that your doctor can get a handle on the mystery infection.

    Peace, Nancy

  2. Yes, please call your Mom, first. She is very worried and concerned. Then those of us who work with her, know her and love her can find out about you too. We are doing our best to support her here so she can support you there. (And your Dad too.)

    May your humor and spirit continue even through gritted teeth, tears, anger and pain. You and your family are worth this battle.

    Teri (a friend of your Mom’s)

  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    We are your cousins. My husband’s father was Norman P. We had a nice visit with your mom and dad at Uncle Bernard’s funeral on Tuesday. We don’t get to see the family much other than weddings and funerals. Your mom told us about your illness and your website. We have read your journal entries. You are a remarkable person. God has blessed you with 5 beautiful children. Your children are your strength. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you daily.
    Tim & Deb

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