waiting for the phone to ring

phoneI’m waiting for the surgeon to call with the results of my labs and ultrasound from this morning.  Maybe this is good for me.  It will help me be patient and charitable when there is another doctor I know who wants to finish his call-backs in the evening before spending time with his children 🙂


The rest of the story – I’ve been having some pain a really bad stomach ache, and inability to eat, that acts like gall bladder problems, which apparently can flare up due to chemotherapy side effects.  Plus, being female, fat, forty, fertile (I think there’s one more “f” on the list, but it escapes me) puts me at high risk. 

The oncologist said not to worry, if my counts were OK, I could just have surgery later this week, and be all set for chemo as scheduled on the 11th.  No problem.

(except for George’s LONG awaited Duke Down Syndrome clinic appointment Thursday, with the lead investigator of an international study on using cholinesterase inhibitors to improve cognitive function in kids with Downs….)

(except for the fact that chemotherapy makes healing from yet another surgery far harder)

(except for the fact that four of my children have a violin recital on Sunday that I am so looking forward to… even though Danny has decided that his recital piece is going to be “A Major Scale :-))

No problem.  Hmmmm…….

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