Today is day 7, cycle 2, and I’m still very weak, tired, and having something they call DOCIN – delayed onset chemotherapy induced nausea. 

I know they warned me that the side-effect free holiday that I had after round one wouldn’t happen as fast and for as long each subsequent treatment, but I guess I didn’t believe them.  If I’m trusting the oncologists to cure my cancer, I suppose I should trust them that they know what they’re talking about in terms of the rest of the issues…

I’m headed back to the sofa for a few minutes, until it’s time to take five children to the pediatrician to get flu shots.  I hope the waiting room isn’t germy and that my kids are perfectly behaved.  Wish me luck!


Oh, PS – we’re all set for Thanksgiving, lunch and supper (thanks to some wonderful friends) are in the fridge, we’re just going to have a quiet day ad think about all the things we’re grateful for.  Tomorrow I’ll try to post a photo of the shopping list Danny made for our feast 🙂

One thought on “Briefly.

  1. Dear Elizabeth,

    This morning, before I got out of bed, I spent some time praying for those near and dear to me and you and you family were included in that list. I’m so sorry to read about your struggle with nausea and hope that it will pass quickly.
    Taking five kids to get flu shots, OH MY!


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