Four words. That’s all.

On my list today, no big deal …  Four words, two numbers:

Sam Court of Honor 5:30/6:00

All that means is that Sam has Boy Scout Court of Honor tonight, he has to be there at 5:30 for set-up and it starts at 6:00.  No big deal.

Except maybe on day 5 of a chemo cycle.  On days like today maybe the list should say:

  1. After getting Brian to school and getting Danny’s stuff ready for school, and his shoes on over his braces, and getting Danny into school and updating his nurse and taking George to therapy, go home. 
  2. Change George
  3. Feed George
  4. Change George
  5. Get ready to go to scout store to get second class badge.  The reason I have to do this errand is because of some gum.  A patch stuck on with chewed gum in an emergency just in time for scoutmaster review will not last through multiple washings after camping trips.
  6. Bundle George up.  This involves finding a hat.  Can you guess how many hats George has?  Can you guess how many I could find this morning?  When I take my five children and I go out, we need 12 socks and 10 shoes.  This I can do.  One hat was a problem.  Must be chemo brain.
  7. Put George in car seat, carry car seat out to car.  Remember to use non-surgery arm.
  8. Realize I have no cash, but this is OK, because I also have no dessert to bring. 
  9. Go to the store, with Sam and George, and get those cookie things that you just have to break up from rectangles and bake.  Get white bread on the next aisle over, since toast might settle OK on day 5.
  10. Use debit card at self-check so that I can get cash.  See?  I am efficient today!
  11. Get back in the car.  It is a LONG walk to the car.  The first spot was occupied, so I had to park way over in the second spot.  I feel sort of dumb using a cart for just cookies, but it really helps.
  12. Drive to the scout store.  Send Sam in with the cash to get the patch. 
  13. While waiting, try not to think about what my mom would have done about the patch in the first place instead of using gum.
  14. Drive home.
  15. Tell Sam to feed George so that I can lay down for the 18 minutes it takes to do the first batch of cookies. 
  16. Move the cookies through and get the sewing box from the top shelf in the kitchen.
  17. Decide to be very smart and leave the chair in front of the shelves so that I can put the sewing box back without having to move the chair again.  This is efficient.  Maybe I don’t have chemo-brain after all.
  18. Sit down on the floor and sew on the top half of the patch. 
  19. Realize that I was sewing through both layers of the pocket.
  20. Get up off the floor to find the scissors.
  21. Get back down on the floor to resew the patch. 
  22. Get up off the floor to move cookies through.
  23. Back down on the floor to sew the rest of the patch on.
  24. Get up off the floor to put the sewing box away.  The chair is right where I left it!  This is amazing.
  25. Get the last batch of cookies out.

Please note that we haven’t actually GONE to Court of Honor yet.  Four words on day 5 makes for a really long list.  I’ll try to remember to bring my camera… I’m sure Sam will look very distinguished in his uniform with the non-gummed patch.  Or maybe I’ll just take a picture of the cookies.

Love, Elizabeth

4 thoughts on “Four words. That’s all.

  1. Elizabeth and family,

    Your mother has shared your blog site with me and I have just read it top to bottom. You and your family are amazing, which your mother and dad have said, but they were right! You, Dixon and the kids have been in my thoughts and prayers since I learned of your cancer. Your mother has been the recipient of many hugs and much support here in Kalamazoo at the shop and I hope you know you are included in them too.

    I got to meet George when you all were here last summer after Emily went to music camp, but I missed out on meeting the rest of the family. Hopefully I might be able to do that sometime as one of my sons lives in Charlotte near one of of your kid’s favorite bakeries.

    I am looking forward to reading your blog and getting to know all of you more.


  2. Elizabeth, Dixon, and kids:

    Thanks for being with us via blog . . . please be assured that our thoughts and prayers are with you every day. We will stay in close touch with you through the blog and with Pat and Midge.

    One day at a time . . . keep on spinning!


    Tim and Carla

  3. what a day! I think gum was very resourceful! And I always sew through the pocket when I sew on the patches. What great mom you are to care so much about your kids and doing all this on a day that was hard for you!
    Still praying for you. Can’t wait to see pictures of the proud scout!

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