chemotherapy choices

Friends –

Today is day three of my second round.  All in all, I’m doing OK. 

When I first met with the oncologist, and we reviewed how far spread my cancer was and all, the drugs that they would need to use were pretty much obvious.  He gave me one big choice, though.  I could have these drugs every three weeks (the traditional plan) or I could have the same drugs, same doses, every two weeks (the accelerated plan)  The accelerated plan is riskier, but some people choose it so that they can be all done sooner.  I chose the traditional plan so that I could have at least a week of “feeling OK time” to be able to do my job as a mother between each cycle.  So far I think I made the right decision. 

The other choices are little ones… like how much and what medicines to take for the side effects of these toxic drugs.  I’m taking a whole big bunch of different things, steroids, several different anti-emetics that work on several different parts of my brain, pain medicine for the bone pain from the drugs that make my bone marrow go into overdrive…..  I was still awfully nauseated last time, though, so they had another choice for me this time… the oncologist told me that if I pretty much slept for three or four days (chemically assisted 🙂 ) and had lots and lots of IV fluids, we could minimize the nausea part. 

So we decided to try that.  And it would have worked great if Sam and Emily hadn’t caught the virus that Danny had at the beginning of the week.  Ugh.  They both came home from some long-awaited vampire movie feeling awful.  I can’t take care of George and be sedated at the same time, and we didn’t want the big kids around me OR the baby, so we’ve tried to find a happy medium between safe and comfortable.  Danny got better from his germ fast, so I hope they’ll both be all better tomorrow. 

Later on there will be harder choices – like when to have the other mastectomy, and whether the very small possibility that having my ovaries removed and going on an aromatase inhibitor when the radiation is all done would decrease chances of recurrence enough to be worth that additional surgery….  (I know that’s a complicated sentence…. it’s an even more complicated decision.)

Meanwhile, I’m going back to bed.  Like Sam and Emily said, it’s way too quiet in there, but Sam threw up on the couch and all the cleaning chemicals aren’t dry yet, so I’ll just have to put up with the silence.  Maybe I can talk Danny into snuggling for a while.

Love, Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “chemotherapy choices

  1. Elizabeth
    I’m so glad you are keeping up with this blog, even tho you are feeling pretty bad physically and overwhelmed with kids/house stuff. In some ways I feel like a voyeur looking at your personal diary. Despite that, I love knowing how you are doing and being able to send you good energy throughout the day, everyday.

    There was a “walk for the cure” today in La Jolla. Lots of men and women in pink wearing hats, feathers, shirts, headbands, whatever. If you know it or not, you have many friends out here cheering for you –

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