Yup, it’s us again.

Danny did it!

Danny did it!

Hey everyone!  It’s Emily and Sam again… Our mom asked us to do today’s post because she really shouldn’t be getting off of the couch.  She is anyway, but if we give her another reason to stand up that makes us bad little kiddies.  *Please do not comment on how we already are because we hacked her last time… we DID NOT hack her, we were just chescking our own mother’s blog for ther, and the “New Post” button was too tempting* 

Ooh, dangerous...

Ooh, dangerous...

 When you do “insert photo” instead of “Loading your photo” or just “Loading…” it says “Crunching!”

*munch munch munch*

Now we give you all a status report like she asked us to.  (This is fun maybe we need one for ourselves!)

Today is chemo day 2, cycle 2.  She’s talking insane amounts (no, vocab word!) copious amounts of dugs for throw-ups and I quote “this other side effect that makes my skin dark red.”  She’s all hooked up to the IV thing-a-ma-bobber (I’ve always wondered how you would spell that) machine, and getting lots of fluids (though Wendy’s call then soquids) So there she is, lying on the couch, even though life in general is louder than Danny’s concentrator.  I think it’s ingrained in the DeHority Family psyche, quiet is scary, quiet is scary, so much that she can’t stand her room.  Bsides, if she can’t be a part of it, that doesn’t mean she can’t watch it, right? (I wrote a poem about our family today… just a random fact) (This is mostly Emily talking btw, with Sam looking over my shoulder.  Notice lack of spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes?)  Anyway, that’s us now.  Sam and Annie and I are going to see the Twiight movie tonight and it’s going to be AWESOME.  Did Mom tell you we have a YouTube channel?  It’s the tenth most discussed in Canada an the fifth most subscribed to in some remote Carribean country, it’s dasea3.  Oh, and if you see any subtitles that you do’t aprove of, that was Annie.  Our mother raised us well. 

You can tell we edited these a little... and we have no skillz

You can tell we edited these a little... and we have no skillzMom

3 thoughts on “Yup, it’s us again.

  1. I, yourgrandmother, agree that you deserve halos much of the time, but I’m afraid to look at your YouTube channel regardless of how well your mom and dad raised you. Papa and I spent an hour going through old DeHority photos tonight BB. (That’s Before Brian.) You showed your potential even as really cute little people. Our love to all…..

  2. Emily & Sam, I thoroughly enjoyed your 11/21 entry! I’m just now figuring out how to get to this blog…it’s me, not you or your Mom. Anyway, keep writing, keep up the good spirits, keep loving and laughing w/your terrific Mom!

  3. it’s good to know you guys are keeping things nice and loud. be sure to make a mess where she can see you, and remind your mother that i love her, as ella says, “at the bottom of my heart”.

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