Fess up, who sent the cashmere?

Today we’re going to discuss anonymous acts of kindness.

Somebody had this sent to me :


It was definitely a knowledgable spinner, since the vendor who shipped it isn’t anywhere near the top of the google list of people who sell cashmere spinning fiber… but I can’t figure out who did it.  And it’s not for lack of trying!

It’s gorgeous.  Superfine, very long staple for cashmere, four different colors.  Here’s my dilemma:  I can’t decide what it’s going to be, and not knowing who the secret benefactor is might influence what it should be used for.  It would make the softest, least itchy EVER cover for a mastectomy prosthesis.  There are some nifty patterns on the internet for make-it-yourself ones.  Of course they suggest using pretty little pebbles for weights.  I’d need to send one of the boys to swipe a brick from the construction site at the top of the road.  But doesn’t cashmere sound nicer (i.e. softer and less sticky and hot) against all that scar tissue than a big old blob of silicone? 

But what if the gifter doesn’t like that idea?  My other thought was a BSJ for George – (baby surprise jacket, invented by Elizabeth Zimmerman)… it’s the perfect amount of fiber, and it could be all spun and knit in about two weeks… with enough left for a matching hat maybe.   But what if the fiber fairy thinks it should be for something for me, not for George? 

While we’re on the topic of anonymous treasures in the mail, the angels keep coming…

angelsHere are some of the newer ones.  I decided after the first 35 that it was making me so happy that I should extend the joy – so I only open one each day.  This way when there are angel-free days I can still get a new one.  The latest states represented are Iowa and Oregon.  I’ve also gotten them from Australia, England and Portugal.  All from total strangers, some with notes, some with carefully written out verses, some just tucked into an envelope and sent my way.  It still amazes me when they come in the mail.

And you know, the cooler fairy is often anonymous.  Someday I need to figure out who made some of the things the kids loved the most, though…

So if you’re the mystery cashmere sender, or if you’ve made angels for anybody after learning about all the ones I’ve gotten, or if you secretly delivered a wonderful meal for us, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Our whole family appreciates you.

Love, Elizabeth

3 thoughts on “Fess up, who sent the cashmere?

  1. Elizabeth, I fall into one of those categories of people. I did not send the cashmere. I’m wildly envious of the tatted angel in that picture. My tatting skills are not yet up there to manage to make that particular angel. I have the pattern, the shuttle, the thread. Just don’t have the skill. Esther

  2. The angels are wonderful idea – you can do a whole Christmas tree with them.
    I rang your doorbell this morning but no answer so left you something on the front windscreen of your car. Hope it doesn’t rain! (Hope it was the right house!). Cx

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