Not hot, not itchy, and “not cool”

I still can’t wear my real wig.  You know how sometimes the tag in the back of a shirt can just be so itchy and annoying?  It feels like the whole inside of my wig is made up of little tags. 

So today I wore a green hat that I knit last week.  Remember the red one on Brian?  (or maybe I emailed out that photo… might have been pre-blog 🙂  I knit a green one just like it.  I decided to wear it today because it matches my shirt and it is NOT hot and NOT itchy.  Well, my children are NOT proud of me.  I think it’s the first time they’ve ever been truly embarrased to be seen with me.

First I wore it to walk Danny to school.  One little girl stopped me in the hall and asked me, “Lady, is that a wig?”  When I told her it was, she was visibly relieved.   It got worse in the drive through line at McDonalds… I ordered at the speaker, waited my turn, pulled up to window number one, and the guy just STARED.  I handed him my money and it took him forever to stop staring at me and give me my change.  At window number two, I was tempted to just take it OFF after the lady looked at me, then looked at the manager standing beside her… then they both looked at me, then back at each other… I ended up having to ASK them to hand me my lunch! But then, before I even got my window closed, the first guy from window number one came to window number two just to make sure that they both had noticed my hair…


I’m totally past the point where I can go without something on my head… I no longer look like a mom with a short buzz cut… I look like a person with some sort of terrible disease or something.  There are thin spots, bald spots, and regular spots… but I’ll tell you this, next time somebody makes fun of my hat, it’s COMING OFF!

6 thoughts on “Not hot, not itchy, and “not cool”

  1. I’m late with this comment – because it applies to all of your previous entries – and I should have sent it much sooner. You’re a wonderful writer and this is a great way to keep us all informed. The photos are great, Sam and Emily’s post was a hoot, and the many replies just confirm how we feel about you. Keep Spinning.

  2. Elizabeth, you are an amazing woman! Your mom (who is pretty amazing herself) shared the link to your blog with me and I have been reading it every day. I’ve laughed and cried and feel like I am getting to know you and your family. Thank you so much for letting me share in your life. I LOVE all the photos and your writing, of course. I never knew anything about spinning before.
    Just know that there are people in Kalamazoo, Michigan, who love your blog and pray for you and I am one of them.
    By the way, I love the hat! Let them stare!


  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    I left a note at the very end of your blog, not knowing that you could comment after each of your entries. I’ve caught on now.

    I have to agree with Edda that your mom is an amazing woman. And your dad is an amazing man. How lucky for you!.

    I kind of like the green wig. Nancy

  4. I’m commenting years after this post, but I must tell you, Evan says the hat is lovely, because it matches both of your eyes, AND your shirt. So there you are, it is a perfect fit.

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