15 days down, 165 to go.

So two weeks ago was chemo number one.  One week from now is the second one.  When I went in to the oncology office yesterday, they told me to really enjoy how good I’m feeling right now.  Sometimes people have a “feeling fine” time between each session, but it is common for that time to be shorter with each successive cycle. 

My blood tests were pretty much perfect yesterday, so I truly believe that with the next cycle they’ll let me go back to teaching my Faith Formation class.  I have really missed my students and it’s been hard for me to put such a burden on Jean… even though I’ve been able to get the homework questions and Mass worksheets done and delivered, it’s a big class and managing it alone must be tough. 

But enough about chemotherapy.  Today the subject is knitting.  I’ve got to do something with all the yarn I spin 🙂  Here’s the list, in order of percentage finished.  Perhaps some accountability will help me get a few things actually done before Christmas?

blue sock

99 % DONE One toe left to close, and a pair of blue socks will be all done.  This is store-bought yarn, though, not handspun… 75% superwash merino, 25% nylon.  Sam’s going camping this weekend, maybe I’ll send these with him.




90 % DONE One vest.  Pure merino wool, very, very soft and squishy.  One side left to seam, then the neck and arnholes to rib.  Might be done in time to give someone for Christmas.  lace

75 % DONE – Merino silk laceweight triangle…. garter stitch lace.  I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do with it once it’s done, but it’s good to have a project that’s light and small other than socks once in a while….

red sweater

40 % DONE One little red sweater.  Pure merino wool, baby soft.  Dyed after spinning…. so not quite a solid red.  There’s a St. Gerard’s Club at St. Ann’s… taking meals to new moms isn’t the best way for me to participate at the moment, but knitting baby sweaters is always a good thing. 

cashmere sock

25 % DONE  Cashmere sock, top down, to the heel on the first sock.  I didn’t spin this cashmere… it’s mill end industrial cashmere, so each strand is not much thicker than a cobweb.  Once the socks are done, I’ll scrub them with hot water and LOTS of detergent to get the industrial spinning oils out…. the socks will shrink and full, the colors will blend, and they will be the very softest, warmest socks ever.  Guaranteed. 

remember the purple handspun?

5 % DONE  Remember the purple spinning we did last week?  I finished enough more to actually knit something (maybe 200 grams or so) and it’s going to be a scarf… of course being only 5 % done means it will be a scarf for probably winter 2011…




future sock

ZERO % DONE…  This is actually a pair of socks.  Just use your imagination.  Industrial cashmere, definitely worth waiting for.   Percent of knitting done – zero.  Chances of them being done by Christmas – uh…..


Negative 25 % DONE … I think you get negative points for dreaming about knitting yarn that isn’t even made yet.  But the first bobbins full of this fiber were so pretty, I just have to add it to the list in my head.  It’s superfine 150’s merino with some sparkle carded in. 



And it’s time for me to get off the computer and back to the sofa.  I got a bit of a lecture at the lymphedema clinic today about making sure I spend my required time every morning and afternoon wtih my arm elevated… besides, when I’m horizontal, the little short bits of hair drifting off my head don’t bother me quite so much.

Love, Elizabeth

3 thoughts on “15 days down, 165 to go.

  1. On the upside of accidental fulling of cashmere socks …. Purple, pink, and white socks that used to fit my feet are now perfectly sized as beloved soft and warm slippers for my youngest’s feet. 🙂 I like that you’re deliberately
    planning in fulling on 25% complete cashmere socks.

    [The red socks I knit for my youngest that were accidentally fulled,
    however, are now only suitable as pan handle covers.]

    My dear, you need some HiyaHiya needles. Socks go MUCH faster with HiyaHiya needles than DPNs.

    Now, go back and elevate your arm after reading this comment.

    Love and hugs, me

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