The Cooler Fairy

For almost two months now, our house has been visited daily by the cooler fairy.  The cooler fairy is the magical, often anonymous, always appreciated chef who brings a wonderful meal for our family and puts it in the cooler by the front door.


Poem for the Cooler Fairy 

Thank you so much for this wonderful meal,

you could never guess how great this makes us feel.

Every night we get fruits, meats, vegetables and dairy,

all because of the DeHority Family Cooler Fairy.


It’s almost like magic how we get all of this food,

Our whole family says “thanks a lot dude!”

It’s an act of God…  Actually one of Abigail Reece,

That we sit down every night and say to seconds “yes pleece.”


So every evening we eat as much as we dare,

Of the food that you have worked so hard to prepare,

And we still have food to crunch and to munch,

Not only for dinner, but for breakfast and lunch.

(poem by Sam)


I’m doing so much better than I’d expected that Abigail is going to rearrange the cooler fairy schedule so that she only has to come right on and right after my chemotherapy days…. the other two out of three weeks I think we can manage just fine.   So if anybody who’s blessed us with a wonderful meal happens to check my blog, thank you ever so much.  You’ve made this time far easier on me and my family.

Love, Elizabeth


8 thoughts on “The Cooler Fairy

  1. Keep on Spinning has become a highlight of my day! Thanks for poetry, lessons on making yarn and the exploits of the Dehoritys! Love to all, SLP

  2. That poem is great! I am so glad that you are feeling so much better and have your energy back. You really are such an example to everyone who knows you.

  3. I’m so glad I’ve found this blog and Sam, the poem is wonderful! Elizabeth, I’m so glad you are fairing so well….hugs to you and your family!

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