Sleeping is obviously dangerous

All I did was take a little nap.  Sam and Emily were home to watch the little guys.  And I got hacked.  By my own children.  They claim it was for my own good – it was to teach me to log myself out (to which I responded that on my own laptop, I should be able to keep myself logged in…. besides, I should be able to trust my own babies!)

But anyway, they made me laugh, which is good.  Each of my children is responsible for finding or thinking of one “G” rated joke for me each day.  Sam and Emily think they should get credit for at least a week’s worth for their blog entry yesterday.

Today we’re back to the topic of chemotherapy.  I started shedding, so we got rid of my hair. 


I decided that since two of my children were really anxious about the bald mama concept, that participating in the process might help.

Well, 80 % of them participated.  George had an excused absence.  They took turns with the scissors, the clippers, and the camera.

participation(although I made sure somebody was protecting my ears when Danny had the scissors…)

They didn’t want me to look until it was all done.  It surprises me sometimes how much they all worry about me, and about how I feel about things.  Even Danny tries to be so protective of me… and today he must have asked me 10 times to tell him if the clippers were pulling.





It’s hard to tell in the photos where my hair was starting to look motheaten, maybe I could have waited until next weekend, but the constant little drifts of hair leaving a trail behind me were making me sad.






They told me at the doctor’s office to trim it short, NOT shave it, because of risk of bleeding and infection.   I’m glad Sam (here in the blue shirt) was able to resist the urge to measure the final length. I guess you can really see the bald spots in this photo.

So the kids put my wig on me before they let me look.  It’s amazing how much it looks like the haircut I got two weeks ago.  The shape and the color are really the same.  However, it’s REALLY itchy, and I think it’s going to be hot.  You all know that I have even less tolerance for things that are hot than I do for things that are itchy, so I had the wig off within minutes.  Right now I’m wearing a cotton ribbed cap that Danny and I tie dyed to match an outfit of George’s that we were doing the other day.  It’s NOT itchy, NOT hot, and NOT suitable for wearing to Mass. 

Speaking of Mass, I’m not allowed to teach my Sunday School class until we see how my blood counts go through one whole cycle.  But maybe if we sit way back in the corner, and I surround myself with children whose germs I’m already exposed to… maybe Mass would be OK.  It would definitely be good for my mental health. 

Love,  Elizabeth

3 thoughts on “Sleeping is obviously dangerous

  1. Oh precious friend, I give you permission to advise me above and beyond the call of friendship’s duty about how to teach my wild bunch of second graders. No germs via the web. Promise.

    Plus – if you can’t get to Mass safely in person, please watch it on cable.

    My students insist they can’t get to Mass because of X, Y, or Z. I say “ask a neighbor, ask a relative, if all else fails, watch it on TV”. Some even do. All because you inspired me to assign homework.

    Hugs, Esther

  2. What a great post. And what a fantastic idea to involve your kids in the hair-cutting process!!

    I have not lost my hair with my current chemo. Nevertheless, my youngest was most traumatized by the thought of my losing my hair.

    I might be switching treatments soon, and I do not know what the next treatment(s) will bring. But, if I do have to cut my hair, I will DEFINITELY follow your example!! (if my kids are interested — sometimes I have cool ideas that totally don’t excite them…)

  3. when i started chemo i did the same thing, the guys that did our wigs in the costume shop cut off my hair and then made a wig from it for me.

    wear your sweet tie-dyed caps under your wig and that will help with the itch and the heat.

    ask someone to bring you communion if you can take it. and if you decide to go to mass, the cap IS suitable, and anybody who says otherwise needs an adjustment of priorities.

    much love to you, friend, you all remain in my prayers. rowena___.

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